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BEAUTY BED G903 & G903A - 7

Long service life

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BEAUTY BED G903 & G903A - 8

Sturdiness and durability, l-shaped X Easily aging or mangled V design,make the operator closer to the X Load capacity is low V guests operation saves more strength X Not heat-resistant

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BEAUTY BED G903 & G903A - 10

MEET Y U R - NEEDS Exquisite production is only to create high quality products 1 The beautician can rotate the bed to facilitate efficient work instead of inconveniently moving the cosmetic equipment while working. 2 Simply Lock the bed first so that customers can easily move in or out of the bed quickly.

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BEAUTY BED G903 & G903A - 11

Bed Lift: Reclining Backrest: Different angle adjustments for comfortable lying or sitting. The beautician can lower or lift the beauty bed for more comfortable operation. Pillow angle can be reversed, raised and lowered. Patent: ZL201520857225.9 When the beauty bed is in standby, the legrests are tilted 60 degrees. This design allows the customer to get strong support from the body when moving in or out of the bed, making them feel more comfortable and reasonable. Proclamtion: all product outward appearance, the color take the material object as, the picture only supply the reference, we...

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