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Examination T ableMODEL: DP-8203 Professional technique Create high-quality enjoyment of life.Our products are very good in quality, and the price is low.

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Quality inspection Precision cutting to make the size without deviation.

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Pu leather Q Wearable Z2 Breathable Z2 Resistant to aging Z2 Soft and comfortable Man-made foam . high density (y Good toughness . High rebound Use for a long time The hardware frame part The hardware frame part is composed of the left frame, the lower frame right, the sun frame and stainless steel. The product contains Pillow Note: The product standard does not contain any optional configuration.If customers require, please indicate in addition. Humanized design The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 50°.

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Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. ^ Found in 2002-15 years OEM/ODM experience ^ 20000 m2 including R&D, Marketing, Sales,QC, Lab, etc Large professional testing lab(9 kinds of testing equipment ) R&D and Technical supported by 20 engineers ^ More than 30 Intelligent equipment(laser cutting/robot welding/CNC machine...) Manager+saleman+sales assistant+production assistant follow your order

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BED IS COMPOSED OF BED SURFACE, METAL FRAME. chois good health ■JflBtay healthy. Devotion makes perfection, bilim tVt ik fomr of hwti! Product by our creation, health by your validation. Healthy life begins with choosing us (DongPin) .

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