DP-8230 Medical Chair


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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 2

choose what you love Pu leather § Wearable ^ Breathable ^ Resistant to aging ^ Soft and comfortable

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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 3

Man-made foam 0 high density ® High rebound v Good toughness ® Use for a long time DONGPIN OLDER DONGPIN ^ABS engineering plastic stopper^ l.Pollution-freex No odor , 2.Arc design, anti-collision , ^3. Durable and easy to clean A Ordinary rubber plug l.Not environmental protection" > 2.Undurable ,

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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 4

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIE We've always specialised in making very robust, and easy to operate massage table Over ten years of industry R & D and manufacturing experience

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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 5

Max load test The maximum working time of the hydraulic lever is continuous for 2 minutes and rest for 18 minutes. Lifting motor is working properly Lifting motor is working properly You feel more comfortable

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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 6

Beauty WHAT YOU WANT Meet your needs 113cm

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DP-8230 Medical Chair - 7

Product Function Description: Overall lift The bed can be overall lift with height range of 57-86cm.(Hand control or Foot control) Patent: ZL201520111861.7 With pillow The head can be tilted upward with o maximum angle of 50°.(Manual) Metal frame Made from top quality iron after precise pressing and robot welding, and gone through procedures of polishing, anti-rusting, phosphating, spraying and powder coating.

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