DP-8330 medical table


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Foot Pad Adjust the foot pad to keep the bed steady.

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sincerely for the sake of the patient, we would do our best to meet you need, we strive for perfection!

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DP-8330 medical table - 5

ter creates the perfect product Controling materials to make high-quality products. Laser cutting Precision cutting to make the size without deviation.

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DP-8330 medical table - 6

MAX LOAD 200KG stable not shaking

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This table is simple, good flexibility, safe and stable operation. ®Good hydraulic rod ®Poor hydraulic rod Japan imported, bearing 200kg, good sealing performance, no leakage, smooth and good use Has weak bearing capacity, unstable operation, easy to fail, easy to leak oil and no safety

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©With pillow ? Hand-pressing Lifter

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removable pillow, convenient and useful

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High density sponges are filled inside with strong resilience. MAN-MADE FOAM Metal frame with laser cutting, robot welding, parts integrating and the overall solid. THICKENED METAL FRAME beautiful & durable Through professional testing,to ensure product quality,sturdiness and durability. STABLE AND SAFE

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