DP-S802 physiotherapy table - 6 Pages

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DP-S802 physiotherapy table

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¥ Long service life ¥

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Conform to engineering mechanics

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Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. ^ Found in 2002-15 years OEM/ODM experience ^ 20000 m2 including R&D, Marketing, Sales,QC, Lab, etc Large professional testing lab(9 kinds of testing equipment ) R&D and Technical supported by 20 engineers ^ More than 30 Intelligent equipment(laser cutting/robot welding/CNC machine...) Manager+saleman+sales assistant+production assistant follow your order

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Robot welding To ensure that the met al frame solid.beautiful and flawless Quality inspection Precision cuffing fo make fhe size wifhouf ceviafion. WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT I CAN GIVE

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