DP-T601 Medical Disinfection Trolley - 10 Pages

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DP-T601 Medical Disinfection Trolley

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ISINFECTION Storage Disinfection

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Product pervious to light acrylic board

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UV GERMICIDAL LAMP Fully tested, using acrylic plate uv light source, no leakage, normal use will not cause harm to human body. Aluminum lamp Anti-hot and cold expansion * Anti-aging * Easy to clean * Anti-harmful rays

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Stop Control Integrated self-closing mechanism lor automatic closure. Automatic power off drawer by the UV lamp which is self-closing when the drawer is opened.

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Transparent plate glass material improvement to prevent ultraviolet transparent acrylic Oversized storage space Three drawers + Two layers of shelves Provides enough space for devices and accessories.

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Additional space — Place the row of wires Lockable Castors Make the trolly mobile, but also can be fixed in one place.

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WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT I CAN GIVE ^ Devotion makes perfection. Product by our creation, health by your validation. A £ »] ^ S fi ii ^ tj Hi.« + ? a.ia.4t n; A ft] * i2f r w ft ft.    r ft li 4*. « * Aifc •« & ft    « #;i. ft *j& fi «&***. a fcittt. Aft4*J«ftft2i<«;fR^ + 4. ft +ifra>te£. ftftif*.A£Sfc.'Sft «.£!*«**•. A-MM+MSM* 02 « 11S«KM.    ft

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