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RehaMoto LGT-5100D Active Passive Trainer for Upper and Lower Limbs

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RehaMoto controls the servo motor through the central processing unit and the biomechanical monitoring feedback system. Users can do passive, assisted, active and constant speed training by RehaMoto LGT-5100D. The intelligent identification device realizes real-time monitoring of user training status and smooth conversion between different modes. Fully realize the best clinical training effect, and promote the recovery of users' motor function.

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Passive Training Passive training is suitable for early rehabilitation training for users without muscle strength. Assisted training helps the users with very little residual muscle strength to build up strength, coordination and motor activity. Active training depends on the users’ muscle strength to set the resistance to achieve users’ muscle strength and endurance training. Constant speed training, the resistance is always balanced with the load, to achieve coordination of limbs training on both sides. © EFFECT ® Spasm Recognition Intelligent spasm setting, identification and protection...

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