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Datasheet Gymna Acure 250 The quality solution for electrolysis The Gymna Acure 250 for Ultrasound-guided Galvanic Electrolysis Therapy and dry-needling • Offers galvanic electrolysis at mid-level range in µA intensity • Releases trigger point tension with 500 µA intensity • Offers professionals a modern application technique for treatment of soft tissue injuries, in case of absence of desired outcome from other traditional techniques • Offers a patient database for storage of all treatment information and related therapy result graphs. Analysis of this data is key to more successful treatments • External medical grade power supply allows to operate mains powered as well as with internal rechargeable batteries • First solution on the market offering full touchscreen operation with an intuitive graphical user interface and comprehensive functionality The Gymna Acure 250 is especially developed for physiotherapists and acupuncturists at the forefront of education, innovation and unexcelled patient care. • Operates with an ergonomic smart handpiece functioning as a remote control: adjustment of desired intensity, start-stop therapy, immediate visual feedback from colour LED-ring The patient deserves all attention, while the professional needs to work in all safety. PATENT PENDING

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Main characteristics: Patient database (GDPR-compliant) Direct therapy key for µA-level Contra indications list Direct therapy key for Trigger points Anatomical library (medical E-book) Application protocols via Body Area System settings (customize your device) Graphical user interface characteristics: • Full colour capacitive touchscreen, 7 inch • Intuitive graphical user interface o Colour guided therapy o Use of modern self-explanatory icons and buttons o Quick and easy access to all functionalities o All settings and adjustments directly on the touchscreen • Self-explanatory therapy...

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Handpiece holder: • Magnets allow a secure storage of the handpiece • Mountable: holder suited for both left and right handed users • Specifically designed to avoid accidental needle puncture (needle needs to be removed before placement) Acupuncture needle: • Purchase acupuncture needles from a local supplier strictly complying with the applicable local legislation • Only use high quality, single use, sterilized, acupuncture needles • Needles must have medical CE approval, including Notified • Dimensions: o Needle diameter (d) o Handle outer diameter (D) o Needle body lengths (l1) Body...

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General Current waveform: Output stage type: Channel: Polarity: Limitation: Accuracy: pA-level in standard mode Range: Step size: Treatment time: pA-level in advanced mode Extra specific parameters Ramp curve time: Pre-set intensity: Direct continuous current (galvanic) Constant current source 1 Channel for both galvanic electrolysis and dry needling Acupuncture needle is the negative pole 150% of the set value at 10% of the maximum range decreasing to 110% of this maximum By a load of 500-1000 Q the accuracy of the output is ± 10% of the set value 0 <-> 2500 pA 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 pA...

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