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Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT Cryotherapy with infrared feedback system for optimal temperature control. Product data sheet Optimal temperature control • Unique infrared feedback system o Continous measurement of the skin temperature o Air flow automatically adjusted o Maintain the desired temperature o Prevents temperatures that are too low -> risk on frostbites o Prevents temperatures that are too high risk on zero effect Powerful airflow • Fast drop off skin temperature to 12° within 1 minute for optimal metabolic stimulation • Short treatment duration • Compression effect Easy to use • Handsfree working ability with the arm. • No refill necessary. • 3 different nozzles for different areas to treat

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Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT - 2

52 programs: o 29 indications: several in different phases: acute, subacute and chronic o 6 objectives: several in different phases: acute, subacute and chronic Dimensions (H x D x W cm) Weight (kg) Maximum airflow Infrared feedback system Cold air Air control Cooling circuit Noise level Screen User interface_ Pre-programmed settings Indications Objectives Free mode Nozzles (standard) 68,7 x 56,9 x 111,7 90 1000l/min Controlled temperature skin measurement -32° 10 levels Maintenance free, closed circuit 72dBA at air stage 10 LCD display 52 ^ divided in indications and objectives in...

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Ordering information Article Standard included:Arm Cryoflow ICE-CT, 3 cryoflow nozzles (5,15 & 25mm), user manual, CD-Rom Treatment Guide Cryoflow ICE-CT Accessories:

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