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GYMNA Myo 200 - 1

For myofeedback, electrotherapy and combined therapy COMBINED FEEDBACK & ELECTRO STIMULATION Create awareness of proper muscle movement 2 Independent channels for rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, muscle relaxation - Pelvic rehabilitation programs - Muscle rehabilitation programs Gymna Physio Care Top quality massage lotions for professionals Pure Essen Shockwave Therapy Physio Care Active Motion For myofeedback, electrotherapy & combined therapy INDEPENDENT EMG & PRESSURE FEEDBACK Optimal training results through visualization ■ 2 Independent EMG channels ■ Contraction and relaxation mode ■ Target setting: automatic and manual ■ Fatigability index with scan function ■ Zoom functionality around captured target (on both channels) ■ Audio feedback (adjustable) upon achieving the target value INDEPENDENT ELECTROTHERAPY Pain relief and muscle strengthening 2 independent electrotherapy channels Supported with: • General objectives • Indications • Diagnostics • Free memory Optional: combination with Vaco 200 Your dealer gymna' GymnaUniphy NV Pasweg 6A | B-3740 Bilzen, Belgium Tel: +32 (0)89 510 510 | Fax: +32 (0)89 510 511 gymna'

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GYMNA Myo 200 - 2

Gymna Myo 200, provides the functionality of 2 devices in one: electro stimulation and EMG feedback. Both therapy forms can be used independently or combined. Gymna Myo 200 offers you the possibility to measure and treat, thanks to the combination with electrotherapy. This makes it into a multifunctional device allowing endless treatments. Experience the advantages of myofeedback and electrotherapy The myofeedback functionality will ensure fast and effective reeducation therapy. Because you can measure and visualise your patient’s muscle activity, there is a greater awareness of muscle...

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