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Gymna series 400 - 2

How it works Treatment with electrotherapy is well accepted in the field of physical therapy and it involves the introduction of some physical energy into a biologic system. This energy brings about one or more physiological changes that are used for therapeutic benefit. Gymna 400 seriesFeel the power Benefits ■ Advanced healing process ■ More effective circulatory system ■ Increased muscle tone ■ Increased speed and strength of muscle contractions ■ Increased rate of absorption ■ Reduction in pain Efficient & Focused PAIN RELIEF Evidence of TENS for pain management neck pain post-operative...

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Gymna series 400 - 3

Full screen parameter view The building blocks for GTS are our more than 40 years experience in electrotherapy, the expertise we have built up over these years and our constant push to improve the ease of use. GTS helps and guides the beginning therapist in choosing the best treatment for each individual patient and supports the experienced therapist with its ease of use and flexibility. Gymna 400 series Flexibility to fit your needs Colour-guided therapy Every therapy has its own colour for recognition at a glance. Set the preferred user interface and customise the device for your...

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Gymna series 400 - 4

Elegance and ease of use combined Gymna 400 series Gymna Mobile 400 Laser probes Vacuum cups, holder & cables The new Gymna 400 ViP offers a total and elegant solution for your practice, consisting of a Gymna 400 electrotherapy device, a vaco device and the new Gymna Mobile 400 . The new Gymna Mobile 400 is our latest solution to help you in your everyday practice. A clever mobile storage system for accessories and cables with immediate and easy access when necessary. Electrodes & Electrode cables Tissue box Ultrasound heads Vaco 400 device 6

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Gymna series 400 - 5

Gymna 400 seriesAccessories 400 series Combi 400 ViP Combination device with electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser (optional), including modular vaco unit and Gymna Mobile 400. Combi 400 Combination device with electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser (optional). Duo 400 ViP Vaco 400 Electrode cables (2 pcs) Device for electrotherapy applications, including modular vaco unit and Gymna Mobile 400. Modular vacuum unit with 2 independent channels, controlled via Combi 400 or Duo 400 Pulson 400M Duo 400V Mobile 400 US treatment head 1 cm2 (i &3 MHz) Combi 400V Combination device with electrotherapy,...

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Gymna series 400 - 6

Direct therapy modes: Gymna 400 series Technical Data 400 series COMBI Electrotherapy (2 independent channels)

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Gymna series 400 - 7

Choose your preferred colour Silver Black Shockwave Therapy Physio Care Treatment Tables Active Motion Your dealer

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