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Emergency BandagesH&H provides a full line of trauma products for point of injury care. From compression bandages to chest dressings and convenience kits, H&H has just what you need to respond to any life-threatening emergency. When a life is on the line, having the right tools is critical. H&H Medical Corporation (formerly H&H Associates) emergency first aid products have proven themselves in the field under real-world conditions. Military-grade and battle tested, our products give those wounded in the field and away from immediate medical care a chance for survival. H&H’s emergency care products are designed to save lives from the most common preventable deaths in the field: excessive bleeding, tension pneumothorax, and obstructed airways. We use high quality, highly durable materials to support use under any conditions. As the developer and manufacturer, H&H creates custom kits and solutions in order to meet any user’s needs. Check out all of our emergency care solutions and contact us for more information and how to order our products. 800.326.5708 For studies, YouTube demos, and ordering information, go to 44 The performance characteristics of the Bolin Chest Seal are impressive, and as far as I’m concerned, if it works well enough for the U.S. Marine Corps, it will work for EMS. »f —EMS Magazine Thin H-Bandage Cinch Tight Bandage The H-Bandage is the latest in Universal Severe Trauma Dressings. An upgrade to our patented combat dressing Cinch Tight, the H-Bandage gives medics and field personnel both an emergency dressing and a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs. The H-Bandage's unique design allows for one-handed use under any condition. Designed for First Responders, Military, and Law Enforcement, the H-Bandage provides a fast, effective tool for all kinds of serious traumas and injuries involving arterial bleeding. The unique design of the H-Bandage, with its 8" x10" ABD pad and the unique 5 foot elastic wrap designed for both strength and flexibility along with the H-shaped cinch sewn into the bandage, allows it to satisfy multiple field needs. The H-shaped cinch allows for direct pressure to be applied directly on top of a wound, increasing compression and reducing blood loss. The H-Bandage can be used easily and effectively as a field compression dressing and as a sling with improved stability, compression, and ease of For First Responders, Military, Law Enforcement and related fields, the Thin H Bandage provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries (particularly those involving arterial bleeding in extremities). The H&H Thin H comes in a sterile, vacuum-sealed 5 mm barrier bag, in either a flat fold or a standard fold to create a small, tight package. With a 12" x 16" ABD pad capable of covering the largest wound areas, the Big Cinch protects vital abdominal organs and any protruding organs outside the abdominal cavity. Big Cinch easily secures to the abdominal wound with over 5 feet of strengthened elastic wrap sewn onto the large ABD pad. The pad and the wrap ensure a tight fit to to prevent slipping while gently protecting the delicate abdominal region. The H&H Cinch Tight Universal Trauma Bandage has multiple uses in treating medical emergencies, such as a compression bandage, quick sling, or hasty tourniquet. Engineered to reflect modern technology in the field of Emergency First Aid, Cinch Tight is designated as the Standard Combat Dressing by the US Marine Corps and is in the field with US Special Forces. For First Responders, Military, Law Enforcement and related fields, Cinch Tight provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries (particularly those involving arterial bleeding in extremities). The H&H Cinch Tight comes in a sterile, vacuum-sealed 4 mm barrier bag, both regular folded and flat folded to create a small, tight package.

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