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MILITARY GRADE. BATTLE TESTED. TM H&H Medical Corporation 2018 Product Catalog 328 McLaws Circle Williamsburg VA, 23185 804.642.3663 WWW.BUYHANDH.COM

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Using the right products to pack a wound, apply pressure to a wound, absorb bleeding, and control blood loss can mean the difference between life and death. H&H Medical Corporation has the leading products in managing blood loss and wounds with our proven line of bandages and gauzes ready to use to pack and wrap wounds.

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Mini Compression Provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries (particularly arterial bleeding in extremities). Part number: HHMCB01 Package Dimensions: 3.5"x 6.5"x 0.75” Package Weight: 2 oz. Shelf Life: 5 years H-Bandage Gives medics and field personnel an emergency dressing and hemostat for arterial bleeding in limbs. Available rolled or flat. Part number: HBFF01 Package Dimensions: 4” x 10.5” x 1” Package Weight: 4 oz. Shelf Life: 5 years Thin H Combines a 4" x 7.5" thick ABD pad with a strong elastic strap and the patented H-cleat compression device. Available...

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One of the leading causes of death from traumatic injury is the sucking chest wound, or tension pneumothorax. When an injury to the chest occurs, air can fill into the chest cavity causing the lungs to deflate or pressure to be applied to the heart. H&H Medical Corporation carries the leading products for respiration management and the prevention and treatment of tension pneumothorax used today. HYDROGEL SEALS

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Bolin Chest Seal Patented failure-proof triple-valve design eliminates any unwanted gas or liquid exchange at the trauma site. Part number: BCS01 Package Dimensions: 7.5" x 8" x .25" Package Weight: 2.1 oz. Shelf Life: 5 years H*VENT Designed to relieve pressure from chest wound due to air in the chest (pneumothorax) or bodily fluid (hemothorax). Part number: HVS01 Package Dimensions: 7.75” x 4.5” x 0.25” Package Weight: 1.4 oz. Shelf Life: 5 years DualSeal A compact package of two occlusive seals that provides wound coverage without carrying a larger pouch. Part number: HHDSK01 Package...

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H&H Medical is committed to helping civilians learn how to stop severe hemorrhaging and to save lives. Our lightweight, easy to use tourniquets can be applied one-handed and fit various limb sizes, making them perfect for civilians and first responders alike. NEEDLES & TOURNIQUETS When the wound is in the chest area and beyond civilian care, our pneumothorax needles provide medical professionals a way to quickly manage the symptoms of tension pneumothorax.

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Product Catalog - 8

PNEUMO NEEDLES Enhanced Pneumothorax Needle Designed with a hollow, closed-ended stylet, the EPN's spring loaded safety tip houses a 14 gauge interior diameter catheter that is 8.6 cm long. The needle housing features a color indicator for the safety tip. Part number: HHEPN01 Package Weight: 0.5 oz. Shelf Life: 7 years Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit A 14 gauge needle and catheter for use in the management of casualities who present with the signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax. Needle and catheter are protected from bending or damage and harsh environmental conditions. Part number:...

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Product Catalog - 9

At H&H Medical Corporation, we do what we can to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of until help arrives. With this in mind, we manufacture the following kits to help you be prepared for emergency situations. These kits are easy to carry and easy to use, making them perfect for someone who wants to carry a little more than just a tourniquet.

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Product Catalog - 10

BLEED KITS GRAB-N-GO KITS Bleeding Control Everything needed to keep someone alive until help arrives. Packed thin with every product visible. Each kit contains: (1) SWAT-T compression wrap tourniquet (1) H&H Thin-H compression bandage (1) H&H Compressed Gauze (1) H&H Emergency Hypothermia Blanket (1) Klever Kutter safety cutter (1) Pair of nitrile gloves Part number: HHGGBC Slim 1" thick pouch with all the products needed to control severe bleeding and protect wounds. Each kit contains: (1) QuikClot Bleeding Control Gauze (1) H&H Mini Compression Bandage (1) H&H Compressed Gauze (1) Pack...

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Product Catalog - 11

“Grab & Throw” Basic Six Pack Small and compact with an easy to carry handle, this kit contains six individually packaged H&H Bleeding Control Basic Kits. Each kit contains: (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet (1) H&H Mini Compression Bandage (1) H&H Compressed Gauze (1) Pair of nitrile gloves Packaged in: (6) Resealable bags Part number: MC6P-BASIC-BAG OR (6) Reusable nylon pouches Part number: MC6P-BASIC-PCK “Grab & Throw” Intermediate Six Pack An upgrade from the Basic, this kit contains six individually packaged H&H Bleeding Control Intermediate Kits for more advanced bleeding control. Each kit...

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Product Catalog - 12

TRAUMA KITS Bolin PCIK The Penetrating Chest Injury Kit provides proven emergency care for general, sucking, and exit chest wounds. Each kit contains: The H*VENT Penetrating Injury Kit combines our newest chest seal with our most popular occlusive chest dressing for general, sucking, and exit chest wounds. Each kit contains: All of the tools needed for a surgical cricothyrotomy. Each sterile kit contains: Designed to meet the CoTCCC guidelines for the treatment of penetrating eye trauma while providing a small, sterile package to fit in any trauma kit. (1) H&H H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest...

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