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H&O EQUIPMENTS Reinventing Cryosurgery User Manual

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Gas release opening Backend Cavity Trocar Filter/opener The serial number is engraved in the cavity for Accurett 16g. The serial number is engraved on the top of the frontend thread for Accurett 8g. Please mention your instrument’s serial number in all communication with H&O Equipments. Frontend Trigger Applicator Applicator cap

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The instrument, the applicators, the tweezers and the user manual come in a hard case for easy transportation. This user manual is applicable for the following products and accessories. Instruments - Lifetime of the Accurett: five years from the purchase. Accurett 8g with black/white dot applicator Accurett 16g with black/white dot applicator Cartridges - Expired date on the cartridges packaging (shelf life two years). 8g CO2 cartridges: 1 carton of 12 boxes each containing 24 cartridges for use with Accurett 8g 8g CO2 cartridges: 1 box of 24 pcs cartridges 16g CO2 cartridges: 1 carton of...

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The above list of products is correct at the time of printing. Some articles may no longer be available when reading this document. Some articles may not be available in certain countries. Accurett® is the registered trademark of H&O Equipments nv/sa. EC or FDA Declaration of Conformity are available and can be obtained upon simple request. Accurett® is manufactured by H&O Equipments nv/sa. This manual's version : 191125ACT The most recent version of this user manual and other language versions can be downloaded from our website. Attention! Reference is made to the liability waiver at the...

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• When used correctly, the device does not come into contact with the lesion nor the skin. • When used normally, there is no need to perform any maintenance, cleaning or disinfection. • Should the applicator touch the patient in case of misuse, the applicator can be cleaned (autoclaved: 134 °C/273 °F - 4 min or 121 °C/250 °F - 20 min) and disinfected (use a non-corrosive disinfecting solution, follow the disinfecting solution manufacturer’s recommendations with regards to the concentration and time of application). • Always gently manipulate all components of Accurett instruments. Never use...

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Edemas Bleeding Pain and syncope Insufflation of subcutaneous tissue Retraction caused by freezing next to orifices Cartilage defect during treatment of the nose or the ear Infection Conjunctival ectopy due to treatments of the eyelid Milia Depressed or atrophic scars Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a frequent concern when treating SL in darker skin types. Cryotherapy using Accurett is a simple and practical therapy for SL considering the following instructions: 1- elect your candidate: A typical candidate for treatment has multiple, S brown, well defined, small and homogenous...

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Step 3 I Puncturing of the cartridge Gently screw the Accurett's backend onto the front end. Go to the point where you feel that the contact between the assembled filter/opener device and the cartridge is established. Now, position your hands so that the last turn will be in an uninterrupted movement. Now, rotate quickly until you feel that the end of the rotation is achieved. You may eventually hear a short hissing sound. The shorter the hiss, the better! Step 4 I Use your Accurett The table below gives the estimated application with a continuous flow time. The measurements were done at...

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Never touch the skin with the tip of the applicator! The amount of liquid CO2 that you wish to apply can be controlled by moving the applicator quickly towards and away from the tissue. Circular and crossing movements have the same effect. Do not hold the Accurett applicator still above the lesion. Condensation of humidity in the air may in some cases create an ice field on top of the lesion. This ‘igloo of ice’ will hinder the effective working of the liquid phase of the cryogen at -79°C/-110°F and should be removed with the applicator tip. may last from 5 to 10 seconds for a small flat...

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H&O EQUIPMENTS Reinventing Cryosurgery For more information visit our website: Liability waiver Improper use, including excess freezing levels beyond those, which are recommended or for an excessive duration, may result in bodily injury to clients/patients or to operator H&O Equipments nv/sa and their affiliates, respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents and contractors are not liable or responsible, regardless of whether such liability or responsibility is based on breach of contract, tort, strict liability, breach of warranties, failure of...

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Ouverture d’expulsion du gaz Extrémité Postérieure Trocart Filtre/perforateur Le numéro de série se situe dans la cavité pour l’Accurett 16g. Le numéro de série se situe au-dessus du pas de vis de l’extrémité antérieure pour l’Accurett 8g. Attention de mentionner le numéro de série de votre intrument dans toutes vos communications avec H&O Equipments. Extrémité antérieure Gâchette Applicateur Capuchon de l’applicate

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L’instrument Accurett, ses applicateurs, la pincette et le manuel sont fournis dans une boîte rigide pour leur transport aisé. Cette notice explicative concerne les produits et accessoires suivants. Instruments - Durée de vie de l’Accurett 5 ans après achat. Accurett 8g avec applicateur point noir/blanc Accurett 16g avec applicateur point noir/blanc Cartouches - Date d’expiration sur l’emballage des cartouches (durée de conservation 2 ans). Cartouches de 8g de CO2 : 1 carton de 12 boîtes contenant chacune 24 cartouches pour Accurett 8g Cartouches de 8g de CO2 : 1 boîte de 24 cartouches...

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La liste ci-dessus des produits est exacte au moment de l’impression. Certains articles peuvent ne plus être disponibles lorsque vous lirez ce document. Certains articles peuvent ne pas être disponibles dans certains pays. Accurett® est une marque déposée de H&O Equipments nv/sa. La déclaration de conformité CE et FDA sont disponibles et peuvent être obtenues sur simple demande. Accurett® est fabriqué par H&O Equipments nv/sa. Accurett est un dispositif medical, non-invasif, non-stéril et réutilisable destiné au traitement des lésions bénignes telles que les verrues virales superficielles,...

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