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H&O EQUIPMENTS Reinventing Cryosurgery User Manual

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Cartridge Cavity Trocar Filter/opener Frontend Trigger User manual SN The serial number is engraved in the cavity. Please mention your instrument's serial number in all communication with H&O Equipments.

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This user manual is applicable for the following products and accessories. Instruments - Lifetime of the CryoPen B+ : five years from the purchase. With orange/red, white/red, green/red applicators Cartridges - Expired date on the cartridges packaging (shelf life two years). 23,5g N2O cartridges: 1 carton of 12 boxes each box containing 6 cartridges Applicators Orange/red dot applicator for 1-4 mm applications White/red dot applicator for 2-6 mm applications Green/red dot applicator for 4-8 mm applications Accessories Tweezers for filter/opener placement Locking cap for applicators

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The above list of products is correct at the time of printing. Some articles may no longer be available when reading this document. Some articles may not be available in certain countries. CryoPen® is the registered trademark of H&O Equipments nv/sa for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. EC or Canadian Declaration of Conformity is available and can be obtained upon simple request. CryoPen® is manufactured by H&O Equipments nv/sa. FDA certificate is available and can be obtained upon simple request. CryoPen instruments are intended for the controlled destruction of unwanted...

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All mentioned products are manufactured in the European Community by: This manual’s version: 191125CBPE H&O Equipments nv/sa, Rue des Journaliers 1, 7822 Ghislenghien, Belgium Telephone: +32 68 26 86 00 Fax: +32 68 55 28 48 E-mail: Website: The most recent version of this user manual and other language versions can be downloaded on our website. Attention! Reference is made to the liability waiver at the back of this manual. Used symbols Keep away from sunlight Catalogue number Caution, consult accompanying documents Serial number Consult the...

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IMPORTANT NOTICE • hen used correctly, the device does not come into contact with the lesion nor the skin. W • When used normally, there is no need to perform any maintenance, cleaning or disinfection. • Should the applicator touch the patient in case of misuse, the applicator can be cleaned (autoclaved: 134 °C/273 °F - 4 min or 121 °C/250 °F – 20 min) and disinfected (use a non-corrosive disinfecting solution, follow the disinfecting solution manufacturer’s recommendations with regards to the concentration and time of application). • ead the security instructions and remove the information...

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temperature which affects the output flow. The best performances are archieved when the cartridge temperature is between 19 and 22°C (66 and 72°F). Empty cartridges should be discarded as metal scrap. Contraindications : • Unstable diabetes • Skin conditions, e.g. skin tumors, esanthema, open wounds, solar hyperkeratosis • Unexplained, suspicious liver spots and moles • Cancer tissues and malignant tumors The contraindications related to temporary conditions : • Infections accompanied by fever • Acute chemotherapy or radiotherapy from four weeks before beginning the therapy to four weeks...

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CryoPen B+ User manual - 9

Reduce possible side-effects Although cryotherapy is a relatively low-risk procedure, some side effects may occur as a result of the treatment. They include: • ermanent changes in pigmentation: Both hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) and P hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) may occur after cryotherapy. Both generally last a few months, but can be longer lasting. Avoid freezing the basal cell layer where melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are located. • ensory impairment: Though rare, damage to nerves is possible, particularly in areas where they lie closer S to the surface...

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• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a frequent concern when treating SL in darker skin types. Cryotherapy using CryoPen is a simple and practical therapy for SL considering the following instructions: 1- Select your candidate: A typical candidate for treatment has multiple, brown, well defined, small and homogenous color lesions with no history of significant post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 2- Perform a spot test by treating one lesion, and evaluate the result in three weeks. 3- Apply sunscreen and use whitening cream for darker skin types for 3 weeks before and after...

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CryoPen B+ User manual - 11

Step 1 I Empty the loading cavity Before loading a new cartridge, release any unused gas from the used cartridge by unscrewing the applicator tip followed by pressing the button. Discard the used cartridge. Please ensure that the used filter does not remain inside the cavity. Empty loading cavity Important note: In the case that you would not follow the gas release procedure as described before, the discharge of the gas will pass through the small opening under the on/off button. Extreme attention should be paid to avoid directing the jet of escaping gas to the user’s hands, face or any...

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Step 2 I Load a new cartridge The cartridges are packed in peel-pack blisters with an assembled filter and cartridge opener included. The filters are used for protection of the applicator. The opener punctures the cartridge. CryoPen B+ can be used with 23,5g cartridges only. Ensure that the loading cavity is empty of all residue. Open the peel-pack. Take out the filter/opener with the tweezers. Hold the CryoPen’s tip end pointed downward. Place the filter in the instrument and make sure that it is seated flat at the bottom of the loading cavity. Step 3 I Puncture the unused cartridge Gently...

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Step 4 I Use your CryoPen B+ Remove the applicator cap. Gently squeeze the trigger switch to start the working. Releasing the trigger will close off the flow of cryogenic liquid. You may observe that during 1 or 2 seconds after releasing the trigger, the remaining gas in the applicator is discarded. Applicators with various flow rates are available. Ask your distributor or check on

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