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h/p/cosmos discovery 4.0 ladder ergometer According to the grip technique and position, different muscle groups can be worked. Through a shoulder height grip the upper-body coordination and grip will primarily be trained whilst the main effort will be concentrated in the leg muscles. When grip is at head height or on the rungs above the head, the effort can be concentrated upon the upper body with the intensity dependent upon the effort. A rm hold to the side rails or upper handles spreads the effort between the upper and lower body. The advantages Upright posture position allows for training of the back and upper body muscles. Muscle toning and endurance training for gluteus and quadricep muscles. Improved grip strength and coordination. Individual adjustable loading. Physical load can be automatically adjusted through heart rate training using the POLAR Heart Rate Measurement system. Interface for computer incl. coscom protocol and other physical load control equipment. Thus allowing visualisa- Mains connection tion, management and analysis of training using software Rung width Rung interval Useable (productive height of climb) h/p/cosmos para graphics. Safe to use as the equipment responds to the user’s effort and body weight.

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ladder ergometer: h/p/cosmos discovery 4.0 standard version for sports & tness purpose rung interval: rung width: speed range: 1.0 - 40.0 meter/min., resolution 0.1 m/min brake system: 3 phase AC motor (CE-mark, no maintenance) motor capacity: manual or preprogramming for each single program step manual or preprogramming for each single progr. step power transmission: chain system max. subject weight: max. 140 kg / 308 lbs, min. 20 kg / 44 lbs safetysystems: CE & EMC, safety check for sports devices according to VDE 0700/0701, light barriers, automatic-stop, handrails on both sides and at...

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