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Instrumented treadmill for gait analysis The gaitway instrumented treadmill with built-in force plates makes gait analysis of walking and running fast and reliable. It is a practice oriented tool for physical outcome reporting, gait re-education and to build up performance and regain symmetry after an injury. Kistler force plates are widely used for gait analysis in research, clinical and sports environments. Thanks to their reliability and accuracy Kistler force plates have become a worldwide de-facto standard for measuring ground reaction forces. Kistler's experience in this field has led to the development of gaitway, a treadmill with built-in force plates. The advantages of using a treadmill for gait analysis are obvious. Instead of motivating a subject to walk back and forth in a room while trying to measure a couple of steps, the same task on a treadmill is incredibly simple: get the subject to walk on the treadmill steadily - measure as many consecutive strides as desired-done. This quick and simple procedure for the first time makes gait analysis feasible for professionals who routinely work with patients on a daily basis. h/p/cosmos gaitway II The h/p/cosmos gaitway II is a piezoelectric ground reaction force (GRF) measurement system housed in a commercially manufactured treadmill. What makes this treadmill unique is the ability to measure vertical ground reaction force and center of pressure for complete, consecutive, multiple foot strikes during walking and running. The instrumented treadmill system has been designed using a patented tandem force plate design (one plate in front of the other) and includes a patented algorithm which distinguishes left and right strikes. h/p/cosmos gaitway II also simplifies the challenges foot associated with plate targeting found in conventional walkway systems. h/p/cosmos gaitway II can be programmed for speeds as low as 0.1 km/h (0.1 MPH) and up to 22.0 km/h (13.6 MPH). Optional speed 30.0 km/h available. The grade can be adjusted from 0 % (optional –24%) to +24 %. Trials lasting five minutes or more can be easily performed, allowing subtle changes in a gait over time to be quantified. Data from six auxiliary devices can be acquired simultaneous with ground reaction forces. The h/p/cosmos gaitway II system The h/p/cosmos gaitway II Instrumented Treadmill System consists of the basic Treadmill-Ergometer model h/p/cosmos mercury med 4.0, the gaitway® software system (Type 9813S15), data acquisition board, two force plates with an eightchannel charge amplifier, six user defined inputs, foot discriminator circuit and belt speed sensor, and all necessary cabling. The system allows the measurement of multiple foot strikes from walking or running. The only subject requirement is that they must be able to walk so that one heel passes in front of the toes of the other foot. Therefore, shuffling gait cannot be measured by gaitway®. The handrails can be removed to accommodate video systems. Gait Analysis Made Fast and Reliable Classical gait analysis can be a time consuming task: the subject has to walk back and forth through the gait lab trying to hit the force plates without consciously targeting them. He or she should "just walk normally" towards the wall on the other end of the room, quickly becoming tired of the process. The speed will change, or the gait pattern, or both. And at the end a couple of strides are averaged and summarized in a report, yet another time consuming task few people are being paid for. h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh Am Sportplatz 8 DE 83365 Nussdorf-Traunstein / Germany phone +49 (0) 86 69 / 86 42-0 fax +49 (0) 86 69 / 86 42-49 file: m:\artikel\cos000_999\cos0k299080000_brochure_h-p-cosmos_gaitway_ii.doc © 2004 h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh created 15.07.2004 printed 20.07.2004 page: 1 of 4 LN

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Innovative Opportunities for Professionals Gaitway gives attractive new opportunities to professionals who routinely work with human beings in a variety of fields ... N Orthopedics: Perform pre- and post operative gait assessment and follow up with ankle, knee, hip and other patients. Full support for clinical research. N Rehabilitation: Allows functional evaluation, gait re-education and physical outcome reporting. The clinical gait reports will be attractive to referring doctors. N Sports and sports medicine: Acquire a pre-season baseline performance in gait and running, monitor changes...

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Gaitway® Software The software is the power behind the system. Gaitway® collects the data from the force sensors located in the bed of the treadmill, separates the left and right foot strikes, plots the results, and enables the user to selectively print and export data to other programs. It is an extremely flexible, easy-to-use Windows program. The vertical force measurements allow for calculation of force, center of pressure (COP), and temporal (time-based) gait parameters. Data from auxiliary devices can be plotted on the same graphs along with these parameters. A powerful database keeps...

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Specifications of the h/p/cosmos gaitway II Features N N N N N N N N N N N Measurements Complete force measuring treadmill and software system Data acquisition board and cable Clinical and Research gait analysis applications Gaitway® Patient/Subject Manager Two force ranges: 2000 N (450 lbf) & 6000 N (1348 lbf) Quartz stability and durability maintains calibration Removable handrails Low step up height for easy on/off access Variable speed settings (0.1 to 13.6 mph) Variable grade settings (0 – 24%) (opt. -24 to +24%) Left / Right foot discrimination N N N N N N N N N N N N Vertical GRF for...

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