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functional training speedlab® & running school® gait training & analysis sports science & athletics motion analysis & biomechanics rehab & locomotion therapy

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Picture: New h/p/cosmos® system for athletic training, diagnostics and rehabilitation. treadmill pulsar® 3p with overspeed up to 45.0 km/h, speed handrail, extra wide footboards on both sides, robowalk®/ roborun® front and back, integrated Microgate Optogait light barrier carpet for step length determination and measurement of biomechanical parameters, pneumatic un-weighting (BWS body weight support) system airwalk® ap with integrated fall stop. The subject is secured against falling and the running belt is stopped automatically in case of a fall. © 07/2015 h/p/cosmos [cos01-en-01] subject...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 3

Franz Harrer CEO and President Co-Founder in the year 1988 h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh ®sos CHILDREN’S VILLAGES INTERNATIONAL h/p/cosmos* mission statement

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 4

external stress – internal demands Almost all types of sport-specific applications, individual fitness assessments and exercise physiology testing are based on the same basic principle: there is a defined stress stimulus (external load) to which the individual response (internal demand) is measured. A precise statement about the performance and individual development requires a measurable, repeatable and accurate variable load. For more than 27 years h/p/cosmos® has been developing solutions including system solutions for sports medicine and high-performance sports, providing measurable,...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 5

Your club members expect and deserve excellent services, facilities and equipment. Next to the quality and appearance of a fitness club the positioning and diversification is crucial for a successful and future oriented operation. If members cannot find any difference in equipment, services and programs, many will go for the lowest price, which is creating price wars and economic problems to part of the fitness club industry. Therefore it can be crucial to decide for special and unique equipment, services and motivation programs. h/p/cosmos incorporated the UKK 2km walk test for fitness...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 6

h/p/cosmos® philosophy satisfaction is not enough ... ... we want your enthusiasm! Since its establishment in 1988, h/p/cosmos® has had a lot of influence in sports, athletics, ergometry, rehabilitation and science through the development and distribution of new products, software, system solutions and application methodologies. During this time the Traunstein based company has developed into THE German specialists in manufacturing treadmill ergometers and systems for fitness, sports, sports science, sports medicine, athletics, biomechanics, medicine, rehabilitation, therapy, ergometry,...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 7

1. The right solution h/p/cosmos® has the worldwide biggest portfolio by far of standard treadmill systems with options, supplies and also custom made solutions for fitness, sports, athletics, bio-mechanics, medicine, therapy and science. In this catalogue there are just a few examples presented. For customers and users it means that they have always made the right choice in choosing h/p/cosmos® as their supplier even when the requirements of the machinery and system changed at a later stage or an additional application will be added. With more than 100 standard treadmill models and an...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 8

testimonials The success of h/p/cosmos is largely based on the good cooperation and partnership with our customers. The fruitful exchange makes our clients, not only to customers but to partners that give us constant new ideas, critical feedback and inspirations. „We have been using our h/p/cosmos treadmill heavily. Indeed we are depending on it. Thanks for the stability and reliability. The quality of the treadmill is extraordinary and it is a very useful tool for my studies. I´m also fascinated about the variety of system-solutions h/p/cosmos offers. They build professional treadmills for...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 9

Dr. Christopher M. Powers, Founder of the Movement Performance Institute, Los Angeles, USA www.movementpi.com Dr. Christopher Powers „We´ve been working work with the h/p/cosmos mercury med with safety arch, fall stop and robowalk expander for over two years. The focus of the applications is on patients with neurological deficits in gait, but we also treat patients on the unit with orthopedic diseases or other surgeries. And we have great successes! We can offer our patients through the integration of the h/p/cosmos mercury med in the treatment not only a multifaceted treatment, but we can...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 10

reference installations medicine & rehabilitation The leading hospitals and rehab centres all over the world trust the competence of h/p/cosmos in the field of rehabilitation. We have the right solution for nearly every requirement: orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurorehab, cardiac rehabilitation, angiology, body weight supported treadmill therapy, gait correction, locomotion therapy mercury® med with robowalk® expander for orthpedic and neurorehab at the „Traunmed“ in Traunreut locomotion® with airwalk se for neurological rehabilitation in Finland mercury® med with integrated visual...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 11

Standard is not enough - professionals need more. We find the right solution to satisfy the needs of our customers. Customers often have special requirements for the installation of a treadmill and/or an unweighting device. We are the specialist to install the treadmill exactly where and how our customers want it to. For example: pit installations, climate chambers, special solutions for heavy patients like the locomotion® 3p, ... pit installation of a locomotion® treadmill with unweighting system mounted at the wall with ceiling mount deflection pulley saturn® 300/100r with wheelchair ramp...

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h/p/cosmos® catalogue 2015 - 12

sports science, Olympic training centres, performance testing We are specialized in manufacturing treadmills for professional sports and sports science. Customers like Olympic training centres, universities, professional sports clubs and perfomance institutes use our treadmills for scientific studies, performance testing and athletic training. h/p/cosmos saturn®: installation in a German Olympic training centre pulsar® 3p with ECG and Ergospirometry for performance testing speed training and functional training Speed training on a h/p/cosmos treadmill with safety arch is a secure way to...

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