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running machine: manufacturer: order number: applications: pluto® med h/p/cosmos® sports & medical gmbh / Germany cos30026va02 endurance training walking and running, stress device for performance testing, gait analysis and gait training control: via UserTerminal MCU5 with keyboard and display, integrated interface or via optional remote control running surface: L: 150 cm (4ft 11.06") W: 50 cm (1ft 7.69") special sizes available at extra charge access height: 23 cm (9.06") running belt with slip resistant surface max. permissible load: 200 kg (440 Ibs) speed range: 0.5...18.0 km/h (0.1...5.0 m/s) (0.3...11.2 mph) acceleration: 7 acceleration / deceleration levels between 131 s and 3 s from 0 to max. or from max. to 0; equals 0.038… 1.66 m/s² programmable via para control PC software elevation: 0...20.0 % (0...11.31°) motorized adjustment 0...25.0 % (0...14.03°) option extra charge running direction: no reverse belt rotation possible. motor system: 2.2 kW (3 PS) 3-phase AC motor, maintenance free and brushless. For high-performance applications we recommend models with a 3-phase 3x400 volt power supply and a running surface min. 190/65 cm. power transmission: frequency inverter, poly-V-belt, very quiet operation safety systems: machinery directive 2006/42/EC; ISO 20957-1;EN 957-6; EN 14971; ISO 9001; EN ISO 13485; EN 60601-1-2 (EMC approved); emergency-off safety stop switch (mushroom push button for drive system power-off); emergency stop switch (safety lanyard with actuator, pull cord and clip); potential equalization bolt; transformer for potential-isolation from the mains. degree of protection: appliance class I M / type B R / IP 20 classification: medical device risk class IIb according to MDD, active therapeutic medical device and active diagnostic medical device usage class: S, I according to ISO 20957-1 accuracy class: A (high accuracy) according to EN 957-6 earth leakage current < 0.2 mA ambient condition: temperature: +10…+40 °C (-30…+50 °C on request) humidity: 30…70 % (up to 100 % on request) air pressure: 700…1060 hPa; 1,000 m (~3,500 ft) max.altitude without pressurization display (resolutions): 6 LCD displays, 4 LEDs for operation modes, 20 LEDs for display of units & profile no, steps, etc. speed (0.1 km/h or m/s or m/min or mph), time (00:00) in hours, minutes & seconds, elevation (0.1 % or degrees) distance (1 m...999.9 km or miles), METS (1 MET) program step/number, energy (1 kJ/kcal), fitness index (1) power (1 Watt), heart rate (1 bpm / beat per minute) optional heart rate monitoring: optional, wireless with chest belt digital interface: 1 x RS 232 com1 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial. option extra charge: USB-RS232-converter; com2; com3 with 115200 bps; com4. programs: 42 programs / profiles -6 exercise profiles (scalable, more than 100 variations) -28 test profiles (UKK 2 km Walktest, Bruce, Graded test, Naughton, Ellestad, Gardner, Conconi, Ramp, etc.) -8 free definable programs with 40 program steps each PC software (incl.): h/p/cosmos para control® for display & remote control including 1 x RS232 interface cable 5 m (16ft 4.85"). PC software: h/p/cosmos para graphics®, para analysis® & para motion®. (extra charge) PC software for control, monitoring, recording & analysis. accessory (incl.): instruction for use, lubrication oil, allen-key colour of frame: pure white RAL 9010 (powder coated) handrails: steel tube handrails  60 mm on both sides; h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh Am Sportplatz 8 DE 83365 Nussdorf-Traunstein / Germany phone +49 86 69 86 42 0 fax +49 86 69 86 42 49 file: n:\article\cos30026\va02\20150220_cos30026va02_hpcosmos_pluto_med_running-maschine_spezification_en.docx © 1988 - 201512 h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh author: created 20.02.2015 printed 19.03

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length: 620 mm; square crosstube between pillars; UserTerminal between pillars. steel tube handrails are easy removable and can be replaced by paediatric handrails. front-crossbar  30 mm at extra charge. voltage supply: 200…240 volt AC 1~/N/PE 50/60 Hz 15-16A fuse; dedicated circuit, line and protection; size of frame: L: 210 cm (6ft 10.68") B: 85 cm (2ft 9.46") H: 119 cm (3ft 10.85") net weight: device approx. 227 kg (500 Ibs) gross weight: device approx. 320...350 kg (704...770 Ibs) Optionally available at extra charge are special frame colours, other handrail designs, special voltage...

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