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The rebless™ clinic web-based platform is used by providers to prescribe treatments, access patient data, and perform telemedicine visits. Main Features & Benefits Effective & Efficient Patient Management The rebless™ clinic dashboard organizes all profiles so providers can easily view and navigate patient data. Treatment Assignment Prescribe reps, exercise time and levels of assistance or resistance to maximize patient recovery. Increased Access and Patient Engagement Treatment Tracking & Reporting Telemedicine capabilities improve communication with your patients and increase their access to care. All data from patients rebless™ treatment sessions are transferred to the clinic app so activity and progress can be monitored and accessed at any time. Online visits Time & Cost Savings Decrease the likelihood of no-show appointments. With the rebless™ clinic app, providers can view patient data and provide consultations from anywhere. Telemedicine visits are scheduled and performed with patients through the click of a bu

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rebless™ clinic The assigned therapy regimen is accessed in the rebless™ mobile app for the patient to perform. All patient data is viewable on the provider’s rebless™ clinic app for seamless remote monitoring of activity and progress. H Robotics develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art rehabilitation solutions, including medical robots and data-driven, telemedicine offerings for people who suffer from neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. By leveraging our strengths in software and robotic technology, we aim to create products and services that provide value to our...

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