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H&S SMART Compliance moving data not people! Compliance, or adherence, is the patient’s ability to comply with the therapeutic prescriptions given by health professionals as precisely as possible. Compliance plays a key role in the home-care, where patients (e.g.: the elderly, people in chronic conditions in post-acute stages, etc.) usually have to take the medicines autonomously.

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The problems likely to arise when ■ patients forget to take the medications or take the wrong dose. There are several types of medications that can be taken at home: - intravenous treatments The issue of compliance applies particularly to the first type as both drip and injections are normally administered by specialized nursing staff, while the intake of pills is usually self-made. On the contrary, injections and intravenous treatments usually require the assistance of health professionals. Smart Compliance aims to: 1. improving therapeutic adherence 2. assessing the degree of therapeutic...

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HOW TO IMPROVE H&S developed a home solution to simplify self-administration of medicines: 1 Every week the Caregiver (or the patient) refills the boxes with the prescribed medicines according to the uptake time. Every box can contain more than just one medication 2 Thanks to the remote management and monitoring service, it is easier for the patients to follow the prescribed regimen: all they have to do is take the medicines in the box when alerted by alarm 3 This system automatically reminds the patients to take the medications and shows them what is the right box to pick up 4 Correct...

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HOW TO ASSESS 1 The patient’s medications are scheduled using a dedicated cloud portal according to: a) frequency (e.g.: every day, every other day, on Saturdays only, etc.) b) uptake time (e.g.: 8:00 am, 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm, 10:00 pm) c) duration of prescribed therapy (first day and last day) 2 The web portal sends automatic messages to the Pill Organiser (which contains a data SIM card linked to the patient’s profile) in order to properly set it up 3 As the patient picks up the box, the Pill Organiser sends a message to the portal with date and uptake time 4 Then the portal marks in green,...

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