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BA 904 PORTABLE SLIT LAMP High-quality examinations, anywhere...

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02 | 03 POWERFUL, HAND-HELD SLIT LAMP BA 904 Haag-Streit optics included The BA 904 is the only hand-held slit lamp that boasts Haag-Streit’s unsurpassed optical system. The robust, ergonomically-designed portable BA 904 slit lamp can provide high-quality examinations, even when you practice in more than one consultancy room, or perform field-based eye examinations. The BA 904 can be used for hand-held operation to examine patients who cannot comfortably sit at a larger slit lamp, yet can be easily reassembled for more traditional joystick/headrest operation. Whichever method is used, the...

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BA 904 - 3

High-quality Haag-Streit optics The BA 904 is the only portable slit lamp that incorporates Worldclass Haag-Streit optics. These superior optics offer high-resolution examinations; boasting 10x objectives, as standard and 16x objectives, as an option. Versatile A dual-function slit lamp, the BA 904’s ergonomic design enables both handheld examinations and traditional-style examinations, using the easy-toassemble head and chin rest. Portable Extremely light and portable, the BA 904 effortlessly fits into a speciallydesigned suitcase, which is supplied as standard. It is easy to transport...

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