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SLIT LAMP BQ 900 Sophisticated microscopy Tradition and Innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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THE VERSATILE SLIT LAMP BQ 900 Sophisticated microscopy, outstanding performance Since its introduction in 1958, the famous Goldmann slit lamp BM 900 enjoys remarkable popularity amongst our customers because of its excellent optics and the impressive longevity. As a result, there are well over 100’000 of these original Haag-Streit slit lamps in daily use – including many from the first years of manufacturing. Further innovations have followed to cover more advanced needs in slit lamp examination including the unique stereo variator, a wider range of magnifications and innovative imaging...

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Technical specifications BQ 900 Illumination Instrument base Light-source Slit width Slit length Illumination field diameter Slit image rotatability Swiveling of the slit illumination to the microscope axis Filters UV and thermal-protection filters Ocular magnification Stereo angle Range of adjusting eye-pieces Pupil distance Magnification changer Object field ø in mm Operation Spatial adjustment of the instrument base LED for examination (slit and background illumination) 0 – 8 mm continuous 1 – 8 mm continuous and fixed apertures ø 8 / 5 / 3 / 2 / 1 / 0.2 mm ± 90° Horizontal ± 90°,...

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Members of HAAG-STREIT Group HAAG-STREIT Holding AG IPRO GmbH HAAG-STREIT France EURL HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH HAAG-STREIT Surgical GmbH Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH ©HAAG-STREIT AG, 3098 Koeniz, Switzerland 5. Edition/2014-10

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Slit lamp BQ 900 1. LED illumination housing 2. Eyepiece with double cross hair reticule 3. Switch for beam splitter 4. Stereo microscope 5. Mirror 6. Diffusor 7. Pivoting background illumination 8. Headrest 9. Imaging Module IM 900 10. Control lever 11. Release Module 12. Instrument table HSM-901 ‘Imaging’ 13. LED illumination control

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VERSATILE OPTIONS Wide range of accessories APPLANATION TONOMETER AT 900 The original Goldmann tonometer Because it is fast and reproducible, Goldmann applanation tonometry has been the gold standard of tonometry for many decades until today. It is based on the Goldmann principle – proven during more than 50 years of usage with millions of patients. Goldmann applanation tonometry is fast and reproducible. Furthermore, thanks to the high precision of manufacturing at Haag-Streit the Goldmann applanation tonometer offers reliable performance during many years without the need for manufacturer...

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STEREO VARIATOR Enhanced view on fundus Unique to the BQ 900, the stereo variator reduces the angle of stereoscopic observation from 13° to 4.5°. This facilitates the stereoscopic examination of the fundus, peripheral parts of the retina and the vitreous, even under unfavourable conditions such as high myopia and small pupils. The reduction of the angle enlarges the stereoscopic field of view under the described conditions, maintaining depth information of stereoscopic observation. STEREO VARIATOR BEAM SPLITTER Connection to a wide range of accessories The beam splitter diverts a portion of...

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EASY USE, OPTIMAL IMAGING Imaging Module IM 900 The intelligent choice for optimal imaging FREEZE TECHNOLOGY The Imaging Module IM 900 is the fully integrated compact imaging solution for the BQ 900 slit lamp. Its sensor designed for professional high end imaging provides the user with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, ideal for imaging under lower light conditions. Furthermore, the IM 900 has been designed to provide intuitive and ergonomic operation. Four different capturing modes, an auto-brightness control as well as the freeze technology simplify the capturing process. A...

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EyeSuite Platform Flexible interfaces for easy integration into your network The EyeSuite software is designed for optimal patient flow in busy practices. Supporting the Haag-Streit imaging solutions it makes the BQ 900 networkable both with other Haag-Streit devices and your practice network. EyeSuite does not require any proprietary third-party software to provide connectivity. If the BQ 900 is connected to an EyeSuite Server, all the images taken can be accessed remotely from any number of viewing stations connected to the same database. Furthermore, the EyeSuite Script Language or...

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Excellent Optics The quality of the optical system is the determining factor for the results of whatever application a slit lamp is used for. The BQ 900 is equipped with a elaborated optical system, manufactured for highest quality requirements. The result is a superb view for accurate diagnostics leading to save patient treatment and stunning imaging results. Optimum Illumination The new LED-powered slit lamps deliver our sharpest, brightest, and most homogeneous slit ever. The light spectrum was specially designed for HaagStreit to meet the highest quality standards and achieve results...

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