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Tonosafe® avoids the need for timely and laborious disinfection without compromising the measurement result. The study from Thomas et al. shows the relation between reusable tonometer prisms and Tonosafe® investment and variable costs on a vast basis of 17’000 patients per year. „... studies of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis outbreaks in ophthalmology clinics have demonstrated that tonometer tips, contaminated eye drops and contact with infected healthcare workers are vehicles for transmission of adenovirus serotypes.”1) Therefore Tonosafe® disposable prisms are an effective and safe method of reducing the risk of cross infection. Cost structure over 5 years Initial costs and recurring costs per year initial costs Reusable prism Reusable prism Labour cost Replacement reusable prisms Initial reusable prism-set Tonosafe prism-set The graphic shows that the labour time for cleaning, collection and return of reusable prisms is 6 hours per week, with other words additional costs of $6’300 per year.1) In addition, 50% of the reusable prisms have to be replaced due to damage or loss. Thomas, V et al., “Reliability of Tonosafe® disposable prisms: clinical implications from the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System Quality Assurance Study”, Eye (2011) Reusable Prisms Disposable Prisms Tonosafe® Recurring costs for reusable prisms are slightly lower in the following years. Over a five year term the compared costs are about the same. „The cost-benefit analysis shows that the Tonosafe® disposable prisms may be both a reliable and cost-effective alternative to the Goldmann.“1)

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“The IOP measurements by Tonosafe® disposable prisms correlated closely with Goldmann measurements, with similar repeated measurement variability to GAT.”1) Two perfect prisms Tonosafe® disposable prisms are a convenient and effective method to reduce the risk of cross infection. Reusable prisms provide superb optical and mechanical qualities. Tonosafe® Reusable prism © HAAG-STREIT AG, 3098 Koeniz, Switzerland – HS-Doc. no. 1511.7220362-02010 – 2nd Edition / 2011 – 10 Put infection ... where it belongs Tonosafe® Convenient Safe Accurate Tonosafe® is an established alternative to reusable...

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