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EYESTAR 900 - 1

Tradition and innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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EYESTAR 900 - 2

EYESTAR 900 All swept-source OCT precision measurements and imaging for greater safety and improved outcomes With the Eyestar 900, Haag-Streit is opening a new chapter in measuring, imaging and diagnosing the human eye with the introduction of a complete swept-source OCT-based eye analyzer. The Eyestar 900 features sweptsource technology, enabling precise measurement as well as topographic assessment of the front and back corneal surface and the anterior chamber, including the lens, as well as imaging of all these structures. It also includes cornea-to-retina biometry of the entire eye. The...

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EYESTAR 900 - 3

Precise measuring data for certainty The Eyestar 900’s swept-source OCT provides precise measurements of the entire eye, from cornea to retina. This is the basis for reliable diagnosis and accurate surgical planning by the eye care specialist. Fully automated measurement for efficient workflow The fully automated measurement process enables the user to reliably acquire precise measurement and swept-source OCT imaging data of both eyes in less than 40 seconds. The workflow optimized automation enables easy-to-delegate data acquisition, thus improving workflow efficacy in a busy practice....

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EYESTAR 900 - 4

EYESTAR 900 Measure, visualize, understand Eyestar’s swept-source OCT provides the user with excellent measurements, topography maps and crosssectional eye images. The additional information allows better diagnosis, combining axial and keratometric measurements with topographic imaging data, pachimetry maps and swept-source OCT B-scans. This combined data set comprises all the information enabling the eye care specialist to accurately diagnose a patient, plan surgical procedures, predict outcomes and to control the intervention efficacy of cataract, refractive and anterior chamber...

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EYESTAR 900 - 5

Quantify what you see… The refraction-corrected B-scan OCT imaging of the anterior chamber allows visual anatomy assessment in 16 cross-sections. In addition, the software also determines the three-dimensional lens orientation and location and displays the respective information in an intuitive detail result screen, featuring the B-scan cross-section in the direction of the maximum lens tilt. Tear film independent topography… Eyestar 900 provides corneal topography in compliance with Class A topographer standards. The maps of the cataract suite cover 7.5 mm in diameter and provide...

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EYESTAR 900 - 6

Cataract Suite Optimized workflow, fewer surprises Eyestar’s Cataract Suite enables acquisition of all measurement data necessary for state-of-the-art cataract planning in a optimized, fully automated measurement workflow. The binocular measurement is typically completed in less than 40 seconds, from the time the patient is asked to look into the device to the finalization of the measurements. In this short time, all data useful for planning of spherical, toric, multifocal and phakic IOL is collected. The result overview presents all data from axial measurands to topography maps and B-scans...

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EYESTAR 900 - 7

FULLY AUTOMATED ACQUISITION PROCESS Precise and efficient Fast and reliable measurement acquisition is the key to efficiently achieving excellent outcomes. Providing a fully automated and quick acquisition process enables easy delegation and improved patient comfort and compliance. Built-in tear film quality assessment leads to highly precise keratometry, complemented by swept-source OCT based laser precision biometry, topography, pachymetry and tonometry of the entire eye. FULLY AUTOMATED ACQUISITION PROCESS More information, improved outcomes Biometry based on swept-source OCT provides...

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EYESTAR 900 - 8

EyeSuite IOL The ultimate planning platform for any IOL EyeSuite IOL features a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art IOL calculation formulas for any IOL - type or corneal condition in cataract surgery. It includes the latest generation calculation methods – Hill-RBF, Barrett and Olsen – for spherical as well as toric IOL calculations. One of the key features of these methods is the use of biometry data beyond axial length (AL) and keratometry (K). Central corneal thickness (CCT), anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness (LT) and white-to-white (WtW) are additional parameters that...

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EYESTAR 900 - 9

Flexible integration EyeSuite software is designed for optimum patient flow in busy practices. The easy-to-use Eyestar 900 is fully networkable with both Haag-Streit devices and your own practice network. The EyeSuite script language or command line interface works fluently with almost any EMR system, and supports standard interfaces like DICOM for excellent compatibility. HILL-RBF METHOD Hill-RBF is a purely data-driven IOL calculation technique incorporating pattern recognition and sophisticated data interpolation. It features a boundary model, informing the user of the calculation’s...

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EYESTAR 900 - 10

Intuitive and efficient Ergonomics for patient comfort and precision Precise measurement data, intuitive map information and OCT imaging of the anterior chamber is essential to efficiently diagnosing and treating patients. The combination of sweptsource OCT, reflective keratometry, high resolution imaging and the fully automated measurement allow efficient, patient-friendly, simultaneous acquisition of all this information in a single device. Patient comfort and short examination time are key contributors to optimized data quality. Moreover, data collection delegation is crucial to...

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EYESTAR 900 - 11

FULLY AUTOMATED ACQUISITION PROCESS Patient compliance and efficacy Patients, especially elder patients, tend to tire quickly during an eye exam, impairing optimal data collection. The fully automated data acquisition process and its fast measurement with simultaneous data recording lead to excellent patient comfort and thus improve cooperation, which has a positive effect on the measurement quality. FULLY AUTOMATED ACQUISITION PROCESS INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE Optimized workflow The familiar look and feel of the touch-screen optimized EyeSuite software used in all Haag-Streit devices...

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