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OCTOPUS 600 - 1

OCTOPUS 600 Perimetry simplified Tradition and Innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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OCTOPUS 600 - 2

OCTOPUS 600 Perimetry simplified In 1972 Franz Fankhauser and others developed the principles and concepts of automated perimetry which resulted in the design of the first automated static perimeter, the Octopus 201, in 1974. Since then, Octopus has pioneered many significant innovations like the G-pattern, the direct projection system, fast strategies and outstanding software for visual field analysis. Detecting visual field loss at the earliest possible stage, defining the optimum treatment and following up the patient to decide on the necessity of treatment changes or surgery are the...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 3

Fast screening Distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields in less than a minute with the novel Glaucoma Screening Test. Central field standard white-on-white perimetry The Octopus 600 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2–4 minutes in the central visual field. A wide range of commonly used static test patterns, including G, 32, 30-2, 24-2, M, and 10-2 are also incorporated into the Octopus 600. Perimetry simplified The compact Octopus 600 can be operated reliably outside of a darkroom and fits almost anywhere. With its improved usability and ergonomics, it...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 4

OCTOPUS 600 Expert in fast screening and follow-up With the Octopus 600, Haag-Streit has introduced a new perimeter that combines both fast screening with the novel Pulsar stimulus and standard white-on-white perimetry for follow-up in one device. As a result, the instrument is capable of covering the most important stages of disease progression, allowing both for early diagnosis and follow-up. The Octopus 600 employs a new perimetry technology that makes use of a TFT-based monitor to produce stimuli and background. This allows the instrument to display complex stimuli such as Pulsar, which...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 5

GLAUCOMA SCREENING TEST Fast screening Distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields in less than a minute in healthy individuals. The test is purely qualitative and only distinguishes between normal and abnormal visual fields by presenting stimuli three times at a brightness that patients with normal vision should see. If never seen, then the visual field is flagged as abnormal with high reliability and the patient can be further tested. Because the test is efficient, it opens doors for more routine visual field testing to ensure no pathology goes undetected. GLAUCOMA SCREENING...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 6

OCTOPUS 600 Central field standard white-on-white perimetry The Octopus 600 offers a wide range of static test patterns, including 32 (which corresponds with 30-2), 24-2, and 10-2. In addition, there are two unique physiology-based patterns: the G-Program (a 30-degree field for glaucoma assessment) and the M-Program (a 10-degree field for analysing the macula). They are both correlated with a nerve fibre bundle map and thus make it possible to test the points which are most important for a structure-function correlation. These examination patterns offer a higher density of stimuli in the...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 7

Increased efficiency Tendency Oriented Perimetry (TOP) presents a further optimisation in fastthreshold testing by reducing the examination time by nearly 80% to just 2–4 minutes7,8 compared to 6–8 minutes (Dynamic strategy) or 10–12 minutes (Normal strategy). The TOP algorithm is a systematic method which takes the correlation of the threshold values in neighbouring locations into account. TIME COMPARISON BETWEEN TEST STRATEGIES Since the first test points are presented at a supra-threshold level, even inexperienced patients quickly understand the nature of the test. CLUSTER ANALYSIS...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 8

Immediately identify levels of change INTUITIVE TRAFFIC LIGHT SYMBOLS EyeSuite Perimetry software is included as standard, featuring the most advanced EyeSuite Progression Analysis for following up visual fields. As recommended by the International Glaucoma Society, the global progression rate is calculated in dB per year, including the probability level. Areas for normal range (grey band), impaired vision (15 dB) and legal blindness (25 dB) provide a starting point for further investigation. Often, progression is local and not noticeable on global progression analysis. No more counting of...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 9

Q^rio John, 27.09.1941 (70yrs)ID 007 VaMK(flBl Oilect curv* OCTOPUS EyoSuitfl"* stMit pwitnMiy. ViSual field evaluation is made simple with the widely-used Octopus7-in-i printout

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OCTOPUS 600 - 10

Perimetry simplified Outstanding usability and ergonomics for both patient and operator The Octopus 600 can be operated reliably outside of a darkroom and fits almost anywhere thanks to its small and compact design. Thanks to its user-friendly operator interface, running an examination becomes a matter of a few simple clicks on the large touch-screen examination screen. Ergonomic design Ample space and the adjustable forehead rest allow examined patients to wear their own glasses. The shielded side view prevents the patient from being distracted. Large trial lenses Large trial lenses...

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OCTOPUS 600 - 11

It fits anywhere The Octopus 600 has a small, compact design allowing for a minimal footprint. Add in silent operation with no fans or motors and you have a perimeter that can be placed anywhere in your office. Optional Chinrest for more convenience The optional chinrest adds comfort for patients having problems maintaining the downward gaze position and increases the convenience for the examiner. It just takes 3 steps: 1. Select patient 2. Choose Pulsar or standard white-on-white 3. Hit the start button

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OCTOPUS 600 - 12

Fixation control Reliable results made easy Fixation losses due to low patient compliance are a major reason for unreliable visual fields. The Octopus 600 gives you less reason to worry about these. Blink Control, Pupil Position Control, Dart Control and Contact Control continously support the correct patient and eye position for a reliable result you can trust. BLINK CONTROL Never miss a point Normal blinking prevents dry eyes and helps the patient to relax and concentrate during examination. With Octopus Blink Control, you need never worry again about missing a stimulus presented in...

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