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OCTOPUS 900 - 1

OCTOPUS 900 Flexibility and reliability Tradition and innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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OCTOPUS 900 - 2

OCTOPUS 900 Goldmann Perimetry for the future In 1945, Professor Hans Goldmann of the University of Berne, together with Haag-Streit, developed the Manual Goldmann perimeter. This instrument is still the reference for kinetic perimetry today and all of its capabilities and specifications are built into the Octopus 900. Furthermore, Haag-Streit has pioneered many significant innovations, including automated static perimetry, the G-Program and the direct projection system, as well as fast strategies and outstanding software for visual field analysis. Addressing all major perimetry needs, the...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 3

Full field standard white-on-white perimetry The Octopus 900 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2–4 minutes in the central visual field. Due to its 90 degree cupula, full 180-degree peripheral testing is possible. This allows for disability testing, including ptosis examination, as well as binocular driving tests. Reliable results made easy Worry less about patient compliance. The Octopus 900 automatically recognises any fixation losses and adjusts patients accordingly until optimal test conditions are achieved. Thus, the Octopus 900 produces results you can always...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 4

OCTOPUS 900 Full field standard white-on-white perimetry The Octopus 900 offers a wide range of static test patterns, including 32, 30-2, 24-2, and 10-2. In addition, there are two unique physiology-based patterns: the G-Program (a 30-degree field for glaucoma assessment) and the M-Program (a 10-degree field for analysing the macula). They are both correlated with a nerve fibre bundle map and thus make it possible to test the points which are most important for a structure-function correlation. These examination patterns offer a higher density of stimuli in the centre, which supports the...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 5

PROGRESSION ANALYSIS Immediately identify levels of change INTUITIVE TRAFFIC LIGHT SYMBOLS EyeSuite Perimetry software is included as standard, featuring the most advanced EyeSuite Progression analysis for following up visual fields. As recommended by the International Glaucoma Society, the global progression rate is calculated in dB per year, including the probability level. Areas for normal range (grey band), impaired vision (15 dB) and legal blindness (25 dB) provide a starting point for further investigation. Often, progression is local and not noticeable on global progression analysis....

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OCTOPUS 900 - 6

Hho4uM Sfcropto Cmh WMTisz-lwnie, Swtesrtwd OCTOPUS1 EytSSurtu"1 stajic penmotry V3.3 O OCTOPUS «W. SN 2062, V 2.20 12 J4 Visual field evaluation is made simple with the widely-used Octopus 7-in-l printout.

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OCTOPUS 900 - 7

Increased efficiency Tendency Oriented Perimetry (TOP) presents a further optimisation in fastthreshold testing by reducing the examination time by nearly 80% to just 2–4 minutes3,4 compared to 6–8 minutes (Dynamic strategy) or 10–12 minutes (Normal strategy). The TOP algorithm is a systematic method which takes the correlation of the threshold values in neighbouring locations into account. Since the first test points are presented at a supra-threshold level, even inexperienced patients quickly understand the nature of the test. TIME COMPARISON BETWEEN TEST STRATEGIES CLUSTER ANALYSIS...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 8

Fixation control Reliable results made easy Fixation losses due to low patient compliance are a major reason for unreliable visual fields. The Octopus 900 gives you less reason to worry about these. Blink Control, Pupil Position Control and Automated Eye Tracking (AET) continously support the correct patient and eye position for a reliable result you can trust.

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OCTOPUS 900 - 9

BLINK CONTROL Never miss a point Normal blinking prevents dry eyes and helps the patient to relax and concentrate during examination. With Octopus Blink Control, you need never worry again about missing a stimulus presented in static perimetry. Stimuli interrupted by the patient’s blinking are automatically repeated later during the test. This means that every test location is tested reliably. BLINK CONTROL PUPIL POSITION CONTROL Controlled position Maintaining the correct pupil position during examination is essential for correct identification of the location of a defect. If the pupil...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 10

True Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry Simplified operation and greater reliability The Octopus 900 is the true successor of the Manual Goldmann Kinetic perimeter, as the computer-assisted perimeter that retains the capabilities and specifications of the original Goldmann standard. It performs equivalent testing times and attains the same results with greater reliability 8, 9, 10. TRUE GOLDMANN KINETIC PERIMETRY Unparalleled flexibility with the vectors of your choice All of the basic functionality of the original Manual Goldmann Kinetic perimeter is included in the Octopus 900. This includes:...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 12

FAST AND REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS Semi-automated Kinetic Perimetry High resolution and fast peripheral testing It takes a long time to examine peripheral defects, or areas that need high resolution, with static perimetry. Why not benefit from the advantages of the semi-automated Goldmann perimetry available with the Octopus 900? It helps generate fast and reproducible results in the periphery because large areas can be covered quickly. Additionally, it provides high resolution because answers can be marked anywhere on a vector. Pre-defined testing methodologies or even templates help to...

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OCTOPUS 900 - 13

VECTOR TEMPLATE INDIVIDUAL VECTOR Original Goldmann Kinetic perimetry to create isopters that are accurate, consistent and repeatable

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OCTOPUS 900 - 14

EyeSuite Platform Flexible interfaces for easy integration into your network The EyeSuite software is designed for optimum patient flows in busy practices. It is very easy to use, making the Octopus 900 fully networkable both with other Haag-Streit devices and your practice network. EyeSuite does not require any proprietary third-party software to provide connectivity. Furthermore, the EyeSuite Script Language or standardised interfaces, such as GDT or DICOM, connect easily to almost any electronic medical record (EMR) system. Patient orders can be received from the EMR system and the...

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