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SLIT LAMPS Confidence that lasts Tradition and Innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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Haag-Streit slit lamps Confidence that lasts Since its introduction in 1958, the famous Goldmann slit lamp 900 has enjoyed remark able popularity amongst our customers because of its excellent optics and impressive longevity. As a result, more than 100,000 eyecare specialist decided to purchase one of these superb slit lamps. Based on the knowledge and experience gained from this large user base, other slit lamps have been introduced by Haag-Streit over the years and they all show the same high per formance and equally as important, durability and longevity as their famous predecessor.

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04 | 05 CONFIDENCE THAT LASTS The Haag-Streit slit lamp family Timeless quality in every detail Our slit lamps are famous, not only for providing excellent optics and high precision mechanics, but also for their exceptional durability. The longevity resulting from high quality Swiss manufacturing makes these slit lamps one of the best investments one can ever make for its practice.

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Excellent optics The quality of the optical system determines the results of whatever application a slit lamp is used for. All Haag-Streit slit lamps are equipped with elaborated microscopes, manufactured for highest quality requirements. The result is a superb view, allowing accurate diagnostics, safe patient treatment and stunning imaging results. EXCELLENT OPTICS Superior mechanics Since its foundation more than 150 years ago, Haag-Streit has stood for high-precision mechanics. This experience, combined with outstanding Swiss engineering and the use of high grade materials, ensures...

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06 | 07 THE MOST VERSATILE SLIT LAMP BQ 900 Sophisticated microscopy – outstanding performance Thanks to its excellent optics, versatility and ease of operation, the BQ 900 has become the standard for those requiring the most demanding slit lamp microscopy. A wide range of optional accessories provide convenient conditions for every examination. BQ 900 with Imaging Module 900

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Optical excellence The BQ 900 is equipped by default with a Galilean Microscope providing a magnification range from 6.3 × up to 40 × selectable in 5 fixed steps. The high light transmission and the optical excellence ensure a superb clinical view. The large diameter of the exit pupils allows fatigue-free examination even on long working days. MICROSCOPE APPLANATION TONOMETER The original Goldmann tonometer Because it is fast and reproducible, Goldmann applanation tonometry has been the gold standard of tonometry for many decades. It is based on the Goldmann principle – tried and tested...

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Wide range of applications Fast and easy fundus documentation on the slit lamp This innovative accessory allows integration of non-mydriatic retina imaging as part of the regular slit lamp examination. This can improve practice workflow and save both clinical and patient time. INCLINED EYEPIECE ADAPTOR Ergonomic and fatigue-free working With the inclined eyepiece adaptor, the view into the microscope is inclined at 20 degrees to the horizontal. This enables the examiner the use of the slit lamp in a more comfortable, fatigue-free position. INCLINED EYEPIECE ADAPTOR STEREO VARIATOR Enhanced...

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YELLOW FILTER Fluorescence enhancement This yellow barrier filter provides additional contrast to fluorescein images. It can be mounted permanently on the slit lamp and easily enganged if required. Filter off YELLOW FILTER BEAM SPLITTER Connection to a wide range of accessories The beam splitter diverts a portion of the light to secondary attachments such as the second observer tube, video or digital cameras. Beam splitters are available in different versions. The beam splitter for cameras diverts 70% of the light to the secondary attachment, the one for co-observation under equal...

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BP 900 Advanced microscopy – comprehensive application Designed for routine practice, the BP 900 is equipped with a modern optical system offering 10 ×, 16 × and 25 × magnifications and imaging capabilities. As with all Haag-Streit slit lamps, a Goldmann tonometer – the gold standard in IOP measurement – may be added to the system.

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Progressive functionality A Galilean Microscope with a magnification range from 10 × to 25 × provides the BP 900 with a powerful observation system. The optical excellence and wide aperture allow comfortable and fatigue-free examination even on long working days. MICROSCOPE Easy-to-use – optimal imaging The Imaging Module 600 is a fully integrated compact imaging solution for the BP 900 slit lamp. This camera, manufactured by Haag-Streit, has excellent sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and unique ergonomics that provide full control of the imaging process without detracting from the...

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BI 900 Simplified operation – high reliability Equipped with an improved version of the BM 900 microscope, an enhanced illumination system and the traditional high-precision mechanics, the BI 900 is the predestined successor to the legendary BM 900. With this new slit lamp, Haag-Streit combines simplicity and reliability in a modern system which offers integrated digital imaging as an option.

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Essential functionality The BI 900 is equipped with a Kepler microscope providing the default magnifications 10 × and 16 ×. With a set of optional oculars it can be extended to 25 × and 40 × magnification. A yellow barrier filter provides additional contrast for fluorescein applications. The maximised diameter size of the ocular view ensures fatigue-free examination even on long working days. Compact imaging solution The optional Imaging Set provides a fully integrated compact imaging solution for the BI 900. It has been designed to simplify the image capturing process. A fast and accurate...

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