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Ergonomic, stable, flexible & secure " Tradition and Innovation - Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life

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COMBISIT L Expert for ergonomic and stable positioning COMBISIT L is a surgeon’s chair, which has been developed especially for microsurgical procedures. The saddle-like form of the seat and the backrest enable the surgeon to give relief to nerves for fatigue-free working in a comfortable but secure posture. The backrest can be adjusted to be fix or spring-loaded and is designed to support the lumbar vertebrae. The seat can be moved and tilted forwards for best back relief and to choose the optimal position towards the foot switches. CHAIR WITH FOOT CONSOLE Two long armrests, important for...

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COMBISIT S High movability and compact design If only little space is available in the operating room, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL recommends the smaller and lighter surgeon’s chair COMBISIT S. It contains a pneumatic height adjustment from 530 mm to 720 mm via foot release. The saddle-like seat as well as the armrests are the same as those of COMBISIT L. For high movability, the base of 600 mm diameter rests on five twin castors. Flexibility Compact and agile base allows easy handling even in small environments. Best positioning Adjustments of armrests, backrest, and seat provide same...

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Members of HAAG-STREIT Group HAAG-STREIT Holding AG IPRO GmbH HAAG-STREIT France EURL HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone +49-4103-709 04 Fax +49-4103-709 355 HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH HAAG-STREIT Surgical GmbH Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL distributes products manufactured by MÖLLER-WEDEL through dedicated representatives as well as national sister companies globally. HAAG-STREIT-SURGICAL as well as MÖLLER-WEDEL maintain a Quality Management System for Medical Products...

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