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EIBOS 2 For non-contact wide-angle fundus observation Tradition and Innovation – Since 1858, visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve the quality of life.

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EIBOS 2 All-in-one solution The unique benefit of EIBOS 2 is the integrated inverter which minimizes the height of the microscope and flips away when not needed. The inverter body is extremely slim which allows the surgeon, at low magnification, to simultaneously visualize the fundus and the incision area, upright in the same orientation. At medium or high magnification, the surgeon has the impression of ‘being’ in the eye instead of just looking at the fundus. Two ophthalmoscopic lenses are available: 90 D and SPXL for wide angle observation. Their high quality optics allow excellent...

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Convenience & safety The mounting system of the EIBOS 2 is designed such that the optical axis remains in the center of the visual field. The inverter body can be turned to either side and placed in any position which is most convenient for the surgeon. For the utmost safety it is suspended on a spring-loaded rail system. RECONDITIONING Sterile handling Mounting ring, suspension, levers, knobs, and lens can be autoclaved as well as the silicone cover for the inverter. The cover slides easily onto the inverter body, and the lens with its bayonet snaps quickly and safely into position. As an...

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Expert opinion Superb ergonomics and excellent optics » The integrated inverter of the EIBOS 2 from HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL gives an upright image all the time without having the need for an external inverter in the microscope stack. This is particularly useful for operating rooms where the scope is shared by both anterior and posterior segment surgeons. The EIBOS 2 is especially user-friendly and provides superb visualization of the peripheral vitreous body and retina. Mechanical robustness and image quality under air are both unequivocally best in class. « CHRISTOPHER D. RIEMANN, MD...

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Mounting ring Spring loaded suspension » Excellent vision with a choice of ophthalmoscopic lenses Round focusing knob » Upright and focused imaging of the fundus Integrated inverter body due to integrated inverter and focusing » Ergonomic solution with its slim body Ophthalmoscopic lens EIBOS 2 on operating microscope HS ALLEGRA 900

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Members of HAAG-STREIT Group HAAG-STREIT Holding AG IPRO GmbH HAAG-STREIT France EURL HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone +49-4103-709 04 Fax +49-4103-709 355 HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH HAAG-STREIT Surgical GmbH Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL distributes products manufactured by MÖLLER-WEDEL through national sister companies as well as dedicated representatives globally. HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL as well as MÖLLER-WEDEL maintain a Quality Management System for Medical Products...

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