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Tradition and innovation – Since 1858 visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve quality of life.

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Our highlights: The advanced microsurgical operating system HS 3-1000 is based on the combination of the brand new floor stand FS 3-43 with the operating microscope HS Hi-R 1000 and provides you with optimal working conditions as well as impressive modularity. The apochromatic optics ensures perfect color fidelity, strong contrast, and highest resolution. The unique stereo base of 25 mm provides excellent depth perception. Working distances from 224 to 510 mm, optional 200 to 450 mm, can be achieved. Due to the ‘fly-by-wire‘ technology and the SensoServo system, featherlight but precise...

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Touch panel for user 300 W xenon light source ^T^V Eyepiece head inclination angle Adjustable ergonomic SensoGrips Right SensoGrip with additional programmable functions » Impressive optical quality » Precise movement with minimal force

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SensoServo Drive Fly-by-wire technology The SensoServo system of the operating microscope system HS 3-1000 uses ‘fly-by-wire‘ technology to move the microscope in all directions with utmost precision and requiring minimal force. This is achieved via the SensoGrips that are activated as soon as the brake release buttons are pressed. They detect the pressure and control the motor movement in the microscope‘s joints accordingly. Individual movement characteristics ranging from enhanced friction to feather-light can be chosen. Via a multifunction pad on the right SensoGrip, the microscope can...

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For bright illumination with best color fidelity the floor stand is equipped with a 300 W xenon light source. A spare module is conveniently accessible in the floor stand’s upper column. To protect the surgeon’s eyes and the patient’s tissue, the light is filtered against ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The light intensity can be controlled via hand grip or foot switch. Due to a special light guidance the visual field retains its brightness at any magnification. Spare light module The small illumination angle of 3° gives uniform light even in narrow cavities. Diaphragms in the...

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Accessories To meet individual requirements, we offer a wide range of accessories and equipment options to choose from. Various eyepiece heads Beam splitter Light router LR 1000 Stereoscopic observer scope Video camera systems HS MIOS C.MOR HD C.MON HD M.DIS ICG Foot switch Adapters for laser Light router LR 1000 The light router LR 1000 offers face-to-face observation for two surgeons, lateral ports, and separate camera connection for C-mount cameras. Tilted microscope positioning can be compensated for improved ergonomics through the rotation of the eyepiece heads. Lateral stereoscopic...

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ICG Fluorescence Intraoperative fluorescence angiography Indocyanine green, abbreviated ICG, is a medical dye that emits infrared fluorescence when illuminated with light of the appropriate wavelengths. The dye is used for intraoperative angiographies, particularly in neurosurgery for detecting stenoses, leakages, and aneurysms. Visible image Optionally the operating system HS 3-1000 is equipped for ICG applications. This includes a special infrared camera (in addition to the white light camera) for detecting the ICG fluorescence. Following the injection of the ICG solution in the patient‘s...

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Members of HAAG-STREIT Group HAAG-STREIT Holding AG HAAG-STREIT AG IPRO GmbH CLEMENT CLARKE Ltd. HAAG-STREIT Medtech AG HAAG-STREIT France EURL John Weiss Ltd. HAAG-STREIT Far East HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone +49-4103-709 04 Fax +49-4103-709 355 HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH HAAG-STREIT Surgical...

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