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Tradition and Innovation-since 1858 visionary thinking and a fascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative products of outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve quality of life.

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HS ALLEGRA 900 Quick and precise operation HS ALLEGRA 900 is optimized for surgical procedures in day clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals. It is mainly recommended to be used for ophthalmic, ENT, and reconstructive surgery. With its electromagnetic brake, the microscope is exceptionally easy to move but stable in the working position. It is equipped with 1:6 zoom, X-Y coupling, inclinable eyepiece head, and 10x wide angle oculars. In ophthalmic surgery a red reflex enhancer provides ideal recognition of the capsula. ABOUT HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL

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X-Y coupling for soft lateral movements, range 60 mm x 60 mm Choose halogen or LED illumination Eyepiece head with 160° inclination angle 5 filters and 2 diaphragms for individual light adjustment Best depth perception and 3D vision The specialist for surgical centers Integrated red reflex enhancer High comfort due to the zoom optics, electromagnetic brakes, and X-Y coupling HS ALLEGRA 900 on floor stand FS 2-11 / FS 2-

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No compromises Fast and secure surgery Apochromatic optics delivers perfect color fidelity, strong contrast, and high resolution. An industry leading 25 mm stereo base provides superior 3D depth perception. A special advantage for multidisciplinary use is the large inclination range of -8° to +100°, e.g. in ophthalmology and ENT – even laryngoscopy as well as ear examinations and surgeries are possible. In addition to motorized focusing the HS ALLEGRA 900 contains an X-Y coupling for horizontal tracking in ophthalmology. As a standard, the microscope is equipped with a 200 mm front lens....

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Imaging possibilities Observe and document  M.DIS Microscope mounted display The M.DIS (Microscope Display) turns the operating microscope into a microsurgical image control center. The high-resolution screen, mounted close to the eyepiece, provides images or data for the surgeon which they may see by momentarily looking up from the eyepiece. The touch screen allows numerous functions to be controlled. Compact HD camera C.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera designed for the HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3‘‘ CMOS sensor that meets very high...

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Floor stand solutions From high-tech to space efficiency High-tech solutions Electromagnetic brakes in the floor stands FS 2-21 (halogen) and FS 2-25 (LED) support the smooth movements of HS ALLEGRA 900. A holder for a foot switch can be mounted directly to the column as can trays for camera control units or other equipment. The front side accepts a high-resolution monitor (optional). Both versions are computer-controlled with a graphic display for programming the individual start settings of the operating surgeons and the surgical procedures. The microscope parameters, brightness, and the...

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Mechanical solutions The floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen) and FS 2-15 (LED) are equipped with mechanical brakes. The light source is mounted externally for easy access. A tray to carry a camera control unit may be attached to the column. For smaller operating rooms and systems with few accessories, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers the floor stand FS 1-12 with mechanical brakes and two 150 W halogen light sources with a quick switchover mechanism. Foot switch control The foot switches EF 5000 and EF 5001 are recommended for hands-free control of the microscope functions. While EF 5000 is connected...

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Members of HAAG-STREIT Group HAAG-STREIT Holding AG IPRO GmbH HAAG-STREIT France EURL HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone +49-4103-709 04 Fax +49-4103-709 355 HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH HAAG-STREIT Surgical GmbH Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL distributes products manufactured by MÖLLER-WEDEL through national sister companies as well as dedicated representatives globally. HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL as well as MÖLLER-WEDEL maintain a Quality Management System for Medical Products...

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