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AS950 - 1

Applications • Wastewater • Collection systems • Industrial pretreatment Environmental monitoring • Stormwater AS950 PORTABLE SAMPLER Sampling has never been this easy. Hach's AS950 sampler controller makes programming, data transfer and operation more intuitive and error-free. Easiest and most intuitive operation The large full colour display and intuitive programming give you access to all your programmable criteria on a single screen -eliminating scrolling through menus and supporting error-free operation. Most convenient data transfer and programming available The AS950 is the only sampler that utilises a USB drive to upload and download data and copy programs from one sampler to another. Confidence in your sampling process The program status screen instantly communicates alarms, missed samples and program progress for quick and easy troubleshooting. Field convertible for compact or discrete sampling Weighing only 12.7 kg, the AS950 portable sampler is designed for accuracy and convenience. Quickly switch between composite and discrete sampling in the field. Configurable for single or multiple bottle applications, it is specifically designed for use in 18-inch manholes. Easy maintenance at low cost Spring-mounted rollers provide long tubing life keeping maintenance costs low. The desiccant and pump tubing can easily be accessed; the replacement is possible without any tools. The rugged see-through pump cover is made for a quick visual inspection.

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AS950 - 2

AS950 Portable Sampler Housing material Impact resistant ABS plastic, 3-section construction Double-walled base with 2.54 cm insulation, direct ice contact with bottles (Sampler) Sample container STANDARD BASE CAPACITY: (24) 1 L Polyethylene or 350 mL Glass bottles (8) 2.3 L Polyethylene or 1.9 L Glass bottles (4) 3.8 L Polyethylene or 3.8 L Glass bottles (2) 3.8 L Polyethylene or 3.8 L Glass bottles (1) 21 L Polyethylene composite bottle or (1) 15 L Polyethylene composite bottle or (1) 20 L Polyethylene composite bottle or (1) 10 L Polyethylene or 10 L Glass composite bottle AS950...

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AS950 - 3

Technical Data* Sampling Features Programs Dual Programs: Up to 2 sample programs can be run sequentially, in parallel, or according to day of week scheduling; enabling a single sampler to function like multiple samplers Sampling mode Pacing: Time weighted, Flow weighted, Time table, Flow table, Event Distribution: Single bottle composite, multi-bottle composite, multi-bottle discrete, bottles per sample, samples per bottle or a combination of bottles per sample and samples per bottle Operating mode Continuous or non-continuous Status messages Communicates what program is running, if there...

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AS950 - 4

Technical Data* Sample Pump and Strainer Sample transport velocity Sample pump 0.9 m/s with 4.6 m vertical lift, 4.9 m of 3/8" Vinyl intake tubing, 21 °C and 1524 m elevation High-speed peristaltic, dual roller, with 0.95 ID x 1.6 OD cm (3/8" ID x 5/8" OD) pump tube; Pump body IP37, Polycarbonate cover Pump flow rate 4.8 L/min at 1 m vertical lift with 3/8” intake tube typical Vertical lift Internal clock 8.5 m using 8.8 m maximum of 3/8" Vinyl intake tube at sea level at 20 to 25 °C Tubing Pump tubing: 9.5 mm ID x 15.9 mm OD Silicone Intake tubing: 1.0 - 4.75 m minimum length, 1/4" or 3/8"...

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AS950 - 5

ASP.XXXXXXXXXX AS950 Portable Sampler Portable Sampler with AS950 Controller, available in various configurations and with several factory installed options. Please contact Hach for more information. Controller and Base Options 8975 Compact insulated base for AS950 Portable Sampler 8976 Standard insulated base for AS950 Portable Sampler 8561 Composite insulated base for AS950 Portable Sampler 10 L Polyethylene bottle, with cap 20 L Polyethylene bottle, with cap Set of (24) 1 L Polyethylene bottles, with caps Set of (24) 575 mL Polyethylene bottles, with caps Set of (8) 950 mL Glass...

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