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Respirometric BOD System BOD Direct Plus


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Respirometric BOD System BOD Direct Plus - 1

Applications • Wastewater • Analytical Laboratories • Science & Research • Determination of biological acitvity RESPIROMETRIC BOD SYSTEM BOD DIRECT PLUS BOD Direct Plus: Be in direct control of your BOD measurements With a brilliant and easy to use large graphic display along with improved data transfer options, the BOD Direct plus is our most promising BOD measuring product offering to date. Brilliant user experience With the large and brilliant graphical display with detailed menu functionality, you can quickly and easily navigate through and measure the BOD. All in one device. Individual monitoring and programming of samples With LED lighting on the head of each sample bottle along with individual programming of the samples, you are always in control of how the BOD is developing for each individual sample. Improved and comfortable data transfer with energy management With two USB interfaces and one SD card interface, you now have multiple options of data transfer for further analysis. The BOD Direct Plus comes also with a mains power supply option (along with batteries) for permanent stability of power supply.

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Respirometric BOD System BOD Direct Plus - 2

2 Respirometric BOD System BOD Direct Plus Measuring principle Measuring range Application Display Data storage Respirometric; electronic pressure sensor Automatic shutdown Interface 0 - 40, 0 - 80, 0 - 200, 0 - 400, 0 - 800, 0 - 2000, 0 - 4000 mg/L O2 BOD5, BOD7, OECD 301 F, etc. Graphic display, 16 grey levels, 240 pixels wide, 128 pixels high Automatic storage up to 672 results, depending on measurement period Storage intervals: First day - hourly Second day - every 2 hours Third day and later - every 24 hours Can be switched off; controlled by pressure drop in the bottle USB host (only...

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