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mobile workstations versatile and good value 08/16® multipurpose trolley system

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Tried-and-tested multipurpose trolley system Just as the wide range of combinations impresses, so too the versatility of applications Our 08/16® white basic trolleys with colourful accents have been demonstrating their value in practice for some decades now and their infinite combination possibilities have won over users in a wide range of different application areas. The trolleys are distinguished by their sturdy chassis with a white square-tubular, plastic-coated steel frame and are fitted with easy-care shelves and drawers with gentle-moving ball-bearing telescopic guidance and a...

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Examples of model versatility Basic trolleys 08/16® basic trolley 30 705 mm high Ref. no. 15871 08/16® basic trolley 45 805 mm high Ref. no. 15079 08/16® basic trolley 60 730 mm high Ref. no. 12077 08/16® underneath trolley 60 520 mm high Ref. no. 12180 08/16® basic trolley 90 830 mm high Ref. no. 17277 08/16® cabinet trolley 60 830 mm high Ref. no. 15862 number of drawers height 70,5 cm height 70,5 cm

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08/16® shelf trolley 60 - mini 705 mm high / 260 mm deep Ref. no. 12057 08/16® shelf trolley 60 830 mm high Ref. no. 15150 08/16® shelf trolley 90 830 mm high Ref. no. 17153 08/16® ergometry trolley 60 910 mm high with console Ref. no. 15167 08/16® injection trolley 60 1290 mm high with PicBox® Plus Ref. no. 15154 Function trolleys 08/16® standing working place 60 1000 mm high Ref. no. 17120 width 60 cm depth 26 cm depth 45 cm 12057 15150

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For maximum mobility in the workplace Since 1933, our company has been employing smart ideas and applying practical solutions to develop countless innovative product lines in the area of multipurpose equipment carts. These have been marketed worldwide with great success. With our products and solutions, we guarantee maximum mobility, flexibility and reliability in the workplace. This means everyone can focus fully and completely on their own work. We consistently implement the basic modular idea to develop practical solutions. The wide variety of standard components makes each individual...

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mobile workstations for 08/16® multipurpose trolleys Drawer rear panel for trolley 60 Additional system components and accessories can be found in the 08/16® price list. HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG Your medical distributor    Breitwiesenstr. 13, DE-70565 Stuttgart

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