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First-class transport for your equipment. Multifunctional cart systems with added value. HAEBERLE sounds Swabian and is Swabian: inventive, technophilic, diligent, reliable; in short, a maker of unique customised carts. We manufacture equipment cart systems for many sectors, but first and foremost for medical technology. Our systems are made in Stuttgart and renowned all over the world. What makes us special? Our carts offer first-class functionality and aesthetics. After all, not even the best equipment can be used efficiently if the cart system lets it down. With us, your equipment can be...

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Basic Components, accessories, colours, logo placement A brand should be instantly recognisable, which is why we adapt our cart systems to mirror your corporate identity. The important aspects here are the fittings, colour coordination and placement of your logo in the right position. monitor holder „alegro“ with fixing bracket for stepless mounting to the carrier profile. Lift-function for sitting or standing working position by adjusting the smooth movable carrier unit. Tripping lever for stepless mechanical height adjustment. plates made of ABS plastic, steel plate or here for example...

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Each person is different, so too is each working area. This is why a system is only good if it suits the individual application. Whether you have plenty of space or work in very tight confines, whether you need a laptop cart or an ECG cart or something else entirely, we are certain to find the solution. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR ALL FUNCTIONS: • Dimensions • Colours • Special shelves • Pull-out shelves • Computer • Keyboard arms • Endoscopy • Ergometry • Chassis • Articulated arms • Handles • Cable channel • Monitor holder • infusion • Emergency • Double monitoring • Carrier profile •...

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A case in point THE CHALLENGE: The Italian company EBneuro desired a functional cart for its "GastroExplorer" equipment for examination of the oesophagus. PRECONDITION: Water and power connections were required to facilitate the diverse functions. In addition, the system had to be equipped with a connection for a computer with an easily visible monitor. To protect all the equipment, stability was a crucial factor in component selection. SOLUTION: A toro cart specially tailored for the equipment. imt-medical ag, Switzerland, employs a fuego Plus for bellavista, its mobile display for patient...

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Development New outline to your specifications Do you need a special cart for a specific application – tailor-made, if you will? You've come to the right place: From idea to consultation, design, prototype and on to production, we develop the customised cart with you. Step by step to your customised cart _ Development consultation Consulting relies on trust. Whatever your concerns about the development and design of your cart system, we are at your disposal. _ Order After the consultation, you decide from the options available to you and place an order with the specifications you require. _...

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Perfect one-off solutions Added value that pays

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HAEBERLE    HAEBERLEHAS IT    MAKES IT HAEBERLE HAS iT: a modular basic system for your multifunctional carts. And if you need something extra? No problem, remember HAEBERLE MAKEs iT: exactly the customised solution you require.

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