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PicBox® + Medi-Müll

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mobile workstations Dispenser systems and disposal boxes Dispenser systems PicBox® + COMPACT + Medi-Mull

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The practical and ergonomic dispenser systems and disposal boxes PicBox® series The tried and tested dispensers with the first-in / first-out system and dust protection according to DIN 58953. Suitable for syringes, canulas, dressing material or other small items. COMPACT series Elegant dispensers for syringes, canulas or dressing material with ergonomic inclined planes and hygienic acrylic glass fronts. The uniform dimensions of the COMPACT elements means they can be combined optimally to create large wall collections. The dispenser series can be mounted on the wall, positioned in...

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Injection set PicBox® Plus Injection set PicBox® multi

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COMPACT form cupboard

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Disposal boxes „Medi-Mull“ Waste collector „tango“, wall model - knee operated Ref. no. capacity 8 Itrs. Ref. no. capacity 20 Itrs. Waste collector „Klapp-Kuli“, wall model Ref. no. capacity 15 Itrs. Holder for hygiene bags Ref. no. for Klapp-Kuli Ref. no. for wall mounting

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mobile workstations Swab moistener „TIPPFIX“ 35 F Back-mirror lamp „Halux“ Further items can be found in the price list dispenser systems and disposal boxes. HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG Your medical distributor    Breitwiesenstr. 13, DE-70565 Stuttgart

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