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Vico Stretcher HAELVOET SA | SWITZERLAND Route de la Plaine 45, 1580 Avenches T +41 (0) 26 675 46 86 | F +41 (0) 21 560 46 46 INFO@HAELVOET.CH | WWW.HAELVOET.CH HAELVOET S.R.L | ROMANIA Parcul Industrial 1,455200 Jibou, Salaj T +40 (0) 260 64 22 33 | F +40 (0) 260 64 22 55 | we create furniiture to heal, to care & to meet

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Vico Stretcher - 2

The Vico Stretcher is standard equipped with 4 bumpers that both protect the wall and the stretcher during any movement. Haelvoet reserves the right to modify the product. Small colour deviations are possible. * option for the Vico Stretcher

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Vico Stretcher - 3

Functional design The Vico Stretcher has been designed to give first aid quickly and efficiently in several situations. Numerous possibilities and accessories make the work of the nursing staff easier, whereas the patient’s welfare is increased. Close attention has been paid to efficient care during the development of the Vico Stretcher. Thanks to the well-considered choice of materials, as well as the use of smooth and easily accessible surfaces, this stretcher is ready to be used swiftly. Operations The stretcher is very easy to operate and can be put in its desired position in no time....

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Vico Stretcher - 4

Mobile and safe To move a patient quickly and easily, the stretcher has to be controllable and manoeuvrable. The large castors of the Vico Stretcher and folding push handles make a valuable contribution to this. • Central brake With one single movement the castors are put in a neutral position, or the directional castor can be activated. The Vico Stretcher can be optionally equipped with 4 brake pedals (2 extra at the head end). 4 braked castors 4 unbraked castors 1 directional castor This position makes it possible to move This castor makes it easier to move the the stretcher in all...

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Vico Stretcher - 5

Fixed height The Vico stretcher is also available in a fixed height version. This stretcher is very suited for intern transportations. First diagnoses can be made very fast, thanks to the x-ray permeable mattress platform. The accessories we offer can be connected with the existing cases and accessory holders. Haelvoet makes sure that the accessories are at least as good as our stretchers, so that you can always have absolute certainty that your product has the best quality. 001 Monitor holder with a metal frame and a solid laminate tablet. Dimensions of the tablet: 650 x 300 mm Monitor...

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Vico Stretcher - 6

Vico Stretcher Summary Dimensions and performances (high/low stretcher) 217,5 mattress platform Standard Vico Stretcher -- height variation of the mattress platform: • Levina castors ø 125 mm, separate brakes (only with a fixed height) -- ± 46 cm - ± 85,5 cm (* with castors Ø 150 mm) -- safe working load: 200 kg • 5th castor, only with Integral S castors ø 200 mm • Push handles at the foot end • Extra set of brake pedals at the head end • Vela panel at the head and/or foot end Dimensions and performances (stretcher with a fixed height) 217,5 • Integral S castors ø 200 mm, with central brake...

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