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Remote blood inventory and bedside transfusion management system THE Blood Management Company"

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Optimal blood management Haemonetics is focused on helping optimize blood management by 1. Preventing a blood transfusion to the patient who doesn’t need one 2. Providing the right blood product, at the right time, in the right dose, to the right patient who does To achieve these goals, Haemonetics has developed an integrated but modular suite of solutions to ensure that each link in the blood supply chain is optimized to reduce costs, eliminate waste and provide better patient care.

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Take control with the BloodTrack suite The BloodTrack® suite of solutions is an extension of your hospital’s blood bank information system. The BloodTrack system secures, verifies and monitors your blood supply chain electronically from the blood bank, to remote storage locations, to the nurse’s station, and finally to the patient’s bedside. As a result, customers who have implemented tthe BloodTrack suite of products have seen an increase in patient safety, a decrease in blood inventory, and a significant reduction in staff workload. Blood Center Mobile Drive Blood Collection Center Blood...

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Optimal blood supply chain Blood Center Mobile Drive Blood Collection Center Blood Bank Hospital Point of Care Remote Storage Locations Central Dashboard BloodTrack Manager Displays remote blood inventory, transfusion status and alerts in realtime allowing complete traceability of blood products once they leave the blood bank. Blood Bank Secure Blood Inventory BloodTrack Emerge Monitors, secures, and records O- and O+ blood access in the emergency department. BloodTrack Courier Secures, tracks and verifies the movement of any blood products in and out of remote storage locations....

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BloodTrack is a state-of-the-art system that greatly benefits our patients and gives our medical staff faster and easier access to blood when needed for patient care.” Craig Hendrickson, CEO, Overlake Medical Center, November 2010 New! The latest release of the BloodTrack system is now able to track, remotely allocate, and dispense plasma-derived products such as Albumin, Factors, IVIG, OctaPlas, Pentaspan, and Anti-D.2 Nurse’s Station Clinical Transfusion Workflow BloodTrack Enquiry Enables nurses to query the location of blood units, check crossmatch sample validity, and the status of...

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Blood Track - 6

Secure blood inventory In a typical hospital, blood bank staff spend considerable time and effort testing, monitoring and preparing the blood within the four walls of the blood bank. Although the blood bank is ultimately responsible for the entire blood transfusion process, once blood is issued, staff typically lack real-time actionable information in order to prevent problems. Errors associated with the improper handling, storage and access of blood can result in unnecessary rework, serious adverse events, delays in treatment, and significant cost implications related to patient outcomes....

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Blood Track - 7

Centralized blood management dashboard BloodTrack Manager Each BloodTrack module connects to BloodTrack Manager to deliver realtime actionable information about the blood supply chain and transfusion process. BloodTrack Manager provides blood bankers a dashboard with remote blood inventory details, over 120 different alerts, centralized configuration, and intuitive reporting. Compliance The BloodTrack system helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations concerning blood traceability, access, reissue and record keeping. AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion...

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Blood Track - 8

‘Just-in-time’ blood inventory Significant resources are used in preparing, transporting and storing blood products that are never transfused. This ‘just-in-case’ blood is then transported back to the blood bank, inspected, (if still viable) put back into stock, and typically re-issued to another patient. All of this unnecessary work, not to mention risk to the blood supply, can be eliminated by providing blood ‘just-in-time’ directly at the point-of-care and only when the patient requires a transfusion. BloodTrack HemoSafe For hospitals and centralized transfusion services that want the...

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BloodTrack OnDemand benefits Customers using BloodTrack OnDemand software with the HemoSafe or HemoNine for ‘just-in-time’ blood inventory distribution have demonstrated significant reductions in staff workload, blood inventory and delivery time while simultaneously increasing patient safety and compliance. Reduced Blood Bank Workload Experienced blood bank staff are in short supply. By reducing the unnecessary labor associated with crossmatching, transporting, and returning of unused blood, the blood bank and clinical staff workload is reduced by approximately 70%1. Reduced Delivery Time...

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Blood Track - 10

Clinical transfusion workflow Many clinicians lack visibility into the blood supply and transfusion process, as a result patient care may be delayed if blood availability is not known and critical work in the blood bank is interrupted to respond to calls from caregivers. BloodTrack Enquiry For clinicians who want to know a patient’s ‘type and screen’ sample status, blood product availability, transfusion status as well as the ability to print barcoded blood pick-up slips, BloodTrack Enquiry is an intuitive transfusion workflow management tool. BloodTrack AutoFate Instead of recording the...

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Patient identification and transfusion verification Physicians and nurses are responsible for ensuring the right patient receives the right blood but must rely on visual checks based on complicated SOPs with manual documentation. The Haemonetics BloodTrack Tx module electronically verifies each step of the transfusion process using the latest wireless and barcode technology. BloodTrack Tx For enhanced patient safety, efficient nursing workflow (e.g. single nurse checking), and centralized electronic transfusion documentation, BloodTrack Tx provides verification at each step of the...

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