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Cardiovascular Autotransfusion THE Blood Management Company

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Allogeneic transfusions: know the risks What is the cost of complications associated with allogeneic blood? What are your intraoperative and postoperative transfusion rates, respectively? The risks and costs associated with the use of allogeneic blood are well documented. With a price up to 1.400 USD allogeneic blood is becoming more and more expensive. And because transfusions temporarily suppress the immune system, it puts patients at undue risk of infection and complications.1 The risk of transfusion-related immunomodulation (TRIM)—the temporary suppression of the immune system—increases...

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Does your blood management program fully optimize cell salvage? Perioperative autotransfusion begins with the first incision and ends when the wound drains are removed. To minimize the likelihood of unnecessary allogeneic transfusions, optimal blood management programs need to collect, wash, and reinfuse a patient’s blood in the operating room and cardiac care unit. Only Haemonetics designs cardiovascular autotransfusion systems for the intra- and postoperative care settings to help ensure all salvageable blood is returned to the patient. Operating Room Cell Saver System collects, washes,...

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cardioPAT: Avoiding unnecessary allogeneic transfusions after surgery Figure 1. The more allogeneic blood, the greater risk of infection Evidence suggests that the majority of blood loss Dose-Response for Transfusion and Infection in Cardiac Surgery resulting from cardiovascular surgeries occurs after surgery.6,7 It’s not surprising then that most postoperatively. But the risk of TRIM, infection, length of stay, and mortality also increase with each unit of allogeneic blood transfused. 8,9 In fact, one study shows that allogeneic transfusion is associated with a 70% increase in mortality in...

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The appropriate standard of care In addition to providing chest drainage, the cardioPAT® Cardiovascular Perioperative Autotransfusion System collects, washes, and returns patients’ blood after surgery, giving them the best chance at avoiding unnecessary allogeneic transfusions and related risks of infection. By consistently delivering fresh RBCs with hematocrit between 70–80%, you also ensure patients receive their own high-quality blood with zero chance of immunosuppression. The cardioPAT QuickConnect Reservoir supports a cost-effective, “collect first” approach by allowing you to simply...

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Allogeneic blood versus perioperative autotransfusion Avoidance of unnecessary allogeneic Types of procedures used Red blood cell recovery Free hemoglobin Increase risk of severe infection Blood Transfusion cardiovascular surgery Cardiovascular surgeries and other high blood loss procedures cardioPAT® System Cardiovascular postop: Eliminates risk of infection and complications associated with allogeneic blood Potential cost savings by eliminating unnecessary allogeneic transfusions and the associated risks of 11 Data on file at Haemonetics Corporation 13ShanderA etal. Best Practice &...

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Ordering Information Description List Number per Case with Integrated Microaggregate Filter, 400 mL ■ Replacement Waste Bag, 3 Liter 01300-00 40 ■ Quick Reference Guide 105132-XX 1 ■ Estimated Blood Loss Worksheet 101266-50 1 Technical Information Base unit Fuse Rating Operating Frequency Power Cord Length Mounts onto Standard IV Pole Processes up to 2 Liters of Fluid per Hour 30-minute Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride THE Blood Management Company

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Czech Republic United Kingdom Copyright © 2004,2005.2008-2009 Haemonetics Corporation. Haemonetics. C £ 0123 cardioPAT, Cell Saver, and Dynamic Disk are trademarks or registered HAEMONETICS u K. LTD trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the USA, other countries, or both. lECl REPl Z As,Uey 5£,v?'T,B°''Iwdl August 09 Germany. COL-PP-000013-IE(AB) GreatBritain EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Signy Centre THE Blood Management Company

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