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Cell Saver* Elite Autologous Blood Recovery System Maximize Patient Safety Improve Outcomes Optimize Performance and Ease-of-Use THE Blood Management Company®

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Cell Saver Elite ® World Class Autologous Blood Recovery System The Cell Saver Elite System is intended for surgeries such as CABG, valve replacement, trauma, transplants, orthopedic, and other procedures in which medium to high blood loss occurs. With its ability to deliver high hematocrit and remove nearly all traces of undesirable components, the Cell Saver Elite is a critical tool in your efforts to avoid unnecessary allogeneic transfusions while eliminating the costs related to blood bank transfusion. Cell salvage to avoid allogeneic transfusions High Quality Red Blood Cells (RBC) FDA...

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Surgical Blood Loss Management System On-board proprietary SmartSuction technology to reduce hemolysis Haemonetics’ SmartSuction is an autoregulating vacuum source. By integrating this technology into our Cell Saver® Elite® System you are able to increase the opportunity to reinfuse patients with a greater number of viable red blood cells (RBC’s).1 With a maximum pressure of -150mmHg, fluid and debris are evacuated quickly. When skimming, SmartSuction monitors air flow in the aspiration line and automatically increases or decreases vacuum levels to evacuate blood efficiently, but gently to...

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Focus on Quality and Ease-of-Use Since the introduction of our cell salvage technology in 1976, Haemonetics has been the pioneer of intraoperative cell salvage. The Cell Saver® Elite® Autotransfusion System is designed with the input of our customers to improve ease-of-use and meet hospitals' evolving needs while maintaining our reputation for reliable, consistent quality. Empty Pjmj RateCU Emergence Fll I'jrn^ Katein Emcrroic, Wash Pjmj RatcCS Lne-gm-v Lrply Pjm; KateO; User-friendly, full color touch screen ■ Intuitive graphics for quick and easy fingertip control ■ Help and tutorial...

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Secure, data collection, transfer capabilities ■ Capture and store up to 100 procedures ■ Track and trend procedure data effortlessly with procedure records downloaded directly to your PC ■ Technical data downloads can be accessed for analysis and best practice sharing ■ Smaller footprint, light weight ■ Extra-large base bin for storage ■ Durable casters with easy on/off locks Experience reliable, proficient and accessible service ■ Global presence for 40+ years ■ Knowledgeable Clinical Consultant team servicing the hospital, plasma, and provides hands-on training and support blood center...

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Specifications Machine Height: 16.5 in (41.9 cm), Width: 11.75 in (29.8 cm) Depth: 21.5 in (54.6 cm) Machine with cart Height: 72 in (182.9 cm) poles extended, 48 in (121.9 cm) poles down Width: 21 in (53.3 cm), Depth: 26.5 in (67.3 cm) Pump speed Centrifuge speed Latham bowl: 5650 rpm Blow-molded bowl: 7500 rpm Sequestration: 2050-5650 rpm (adjustable) Fuse rating Operating frequency Laser classification Class 3R laser product Power cord length

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Ordering Information Description List Number Quantity per Case Cell Saver® Elite® System CSE-E-IE 1 Cell Saver Elite Cart CSE-EA-1000 1 Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (225 mL, 205, 208, HAR-A-1000) CSE-FP-225V 4 Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (225 mL, 220, 208, HAR-A-1000) CSE-FP-225F 4 Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (125 mL, 205, 208, HAR-A-1000) CSE-FP-125V 4 Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (225 mL) CSE-P-225 8 Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (125 mL) CSE-P-125 8 Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (70 mL) CSE-P-70 8 Collection reservoir w/150 u filter, 3 L 00205-00 4 Collection reservoir w/20 u filter,...

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For more information Visit our website at www.haemonetics.com, or contact your Haemonetics account manager. About Haemonetics Haemonetics is THE Blood Management Company. Our comprehensive portfolio of integrated devices, information management, and consulting services offers blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain, helping improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs for blood and plasma collectors, hospitals, and patients around the world. We believe that through proper blood management, our products and services help prevent a transfusion to the patient who...

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