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Performance you can count on -because patients are counting on you.

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You know you’re at your best when everything is working as it should When the surgeon is focused on the surgery. And the patient is getting what’s best—their own high-quality blood. Your standards are high. That’s why you demand excellence. We've evolved cell salvage to a higher level...yours. The Cell Saver Elite+ system provides hospitals with an easy-to-use, reliable way to recover and deliver back a patient’s own high-quality blood during medium to high blood loss procedures, including cardiac, orthopedic, trauma, transplant, vascular, and OBGYN surgeries. The complete system is...

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Focus on quality and ease of use The Cell Saver® Elite®+ provides patients with their own fresh, washed blood, preventing an allogeneic transfusion while helping to reduce costs. Its integrated SmartSuction® is gentle on red blood cells (RBC’s), preserving them for transfusion. And, its fat reduction protocol is designed for optimal performance, while still offering custom settings that allow for modifications during a procedure. High hematocrit with excellent RBC recovery—providing more red cells for transfusion. Optimal washout of undesirable components. Exceptional fat removal...

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Fast, reliable, and intuitive The system is fast, reliable, and intuitive, incorporating state-of-the-art software enhancements. You’ll have the flexibility to define and save password-protected protocols to meet unique surgical needs. The system’s touch screen instructions and messaging are easy-to-read and navigate, complete with on-screen help. Its status beacon is highly visible, from any direction, and the barcode scanner captures disposable, patient, and surgical procedure information. User-friendly, full color touch screenIntuitive and simple programming ■ Easy to navigate touch...

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Easy to transport between ORs ■■ Smaller footprint, lightweight, and portable. Multiple storage options, including a flat cover surface to facilitate transport of materials. Top deck visibility to ensure proper set-up. Cell salvage and sequestration sets are color-coded for ease of use. Single barcode scanning for all disposable sets and ease of data entry. Multiple bowl volume options and packaging configurations. Durable casters with easy on/off locks. Fast, easy, disposable set-up Components fold away for easy tran

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Secure data collection, management and transfer capabilities ■■ ■■ ■■ Minimize human errors and associated costs through accurate data collection and transfer. Access technical data downloads for analysis and best practice sharing. Enable communication between the Cell Saver Elite+ and the hospital network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection with the addition of HaemoCommunicator™ software*: – apture and securely transfer procedure data in standard HL7 messaging to the Hospital Information System. C – rack and trend Cell Saver procedure data effortlessly with records that can be sent...

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List Number Qty per Case Cell Saver® Elite®+ System Cell Saver Elite Cart Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (225 mL, 205, 208, HAR-A-1000) Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (225 mL, 220, 208, HAR-A-1000) Cell Saver Elite Fast Pack (125 mL, 205, 208, HAR-A-1000) Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (225 mL) Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (125 mL) Cell Saver Elite Processing Set (70 mL) Sequestration Kit Collection Reservoir w/150 p filter, 3 L Collection Reservoir w/20 p filter, 3 L Cell Saver Aspiration & Anticoagulation Line SmartSuction® Aspiration & Anticoagulation Line SmartSuction Filtered Vacuum Line,...

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Haemonetics is your partner in practice We offer access to procedural data and troubleshooting to support best practices, dedicated field services—including clinical specialist teams, knowledgeable sales teams, and award-winning customer service. This results in: ■ A committed partner—starting with implementation and training and supporting all ongoing needs. ■ Ensured staff proficiency during full initial implementation. ■ A hotline for customer support. ■ Global presence for 40+ years servicing the hospital, plasma, and blood center communities. Experience exceptional surgical suite...

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