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Hemostasis analyzer system Providing fast, actionable results to help you reduce risks, complications and costs

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Hemostasis analyzer system For more than forty years, hospitals have been turning to Haemonetics to help reduce the risk, complications and costs associated with blood product transfusions. Since integrating Haemoscope and the TEG system into the Haemonetics family in 2008, we have continually and increasingly invested in the clinical science and technology. To help reduce costs and provide greater confidence in patient care decisions, Get the whole picture™ with TEG.

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Hemostasis and the need for improved assessment Hemostasis is a natural, regulated process within the coagulation continuum. A balanced system is said to be one that provides hemostasis in the right place, in the right size, at the right time. Effective hemostasis management requires that physicians have the most complete information to make decisions on how to best maintain a patient’s coagulation equilibrium. Hemostatic Balance Designed to provide a complete analysis Traditional coagulation testing is limited Routine coagulation tests are often used as a starting place when investigating...

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The objectives of the TEG® system in the clinical setting are to: ■■ Express the function of and identify dysfunction in the patient’s hemostasis system Reduce the use of unnecessary blood products and reduce thrombotic complications Distinguish between anatomical (surgical) and coagulopathic bleeding Differentiate primary from secondary fibrinolysis, including the consumptive phase Provide a personalized platelet function and inhibition assessment for patients on anti-platelet medication Assesses the entire clotting process Continually monitors coagulation Generates parameters that relate...

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TEG® system tests available Test Specimen Type(s) An intrinsic pathway activated assay. This thrombin generated tracing identifies underlying hemostatic characteristics and risk of bleeding or thrombosis. Citrated whole blood or Non-citrated whole blood Kaolin TEG with Heparinase Eliminates the effect of heparin in the test sample. Used in conjunction with standard Kaolin TEG, assesses the presence of systemic heparin or heparinoids. Citrated whole blood or Non-citrated whole blood An intrinsic and extrinsic pathway activated assay speeds the coagulation process to more rapidly assess...

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Why Haemonetics and the TEG® hemostasis analyzer system A proven and trusted hemostasis analyzer system ■■ With more than a decade of clinical experience in the U.S. and over 4,000 peer-reviewed articles published, the clinical and economic value of TEG is well-established making it the viscoelastic analyzer of choice in over 600 hospitals nationwide. Rapid access to actionable results ■■ Only TEG can display the results in real-time to any computer station in the hospital (e.g., operating rooms, trauma bay, floors, ICU, lab, etc.) via TEG RemoteViewing™ software. Clotting data can be...

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Setting the standard in clinical education and product support ■■ Haemonetics takes a hands-on approach both during implementation and with ongoing clinical support. There will be a team accessible at all times (Field Service Engineer, Implementation Specialist, Hemostasis Consultant, Clinical Specialist) to help with installation, validation, operator training and clinical interpretation training. At Haemonetics we pride ourselves on helping our customers not only during initial purchase but also through providing ongoing support as necessary. TEG and Haemonetics—pioneers of the past,...

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Ordering Information Description Item Code TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer, Model 5000 (analyzer only) TEG Analytical Software (remote version) Platinum Service: • Unlimited technical assistance • Two preventive maintenance inspections • On-site emergency calls Reagents and Supplies: • Plain cups and pins (box/20) • Heparinase cups and pins (box/20) • Kaolin (box/25) • RapidTEG™ assay (box/14) • Functional Fibrinogen reagent (box/15) • PlateletMapping® Full Assay Kit (ea) To contact Customer Service... Phone: 800.537.2802, Opt 3 Fax: 800.860.1512 Email: customerservicena@haemonetics.com Get the...

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