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Analyzer System The new standard of care in hemostasis management

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Traditional coagulation testing is proven, but limited How often are platelets or fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfused without a complete picture of the patient’s coagulation status? What’s your cost to treat an infection caused by an avoidable allogeneic transfusion? How often is your patient at risk for thrombosis? Traditional coagulation testing is proven, but limited Routine coagulation tests are used as a starting place when investigating the cause of bleeding. They indicate the time of fibrin formation through the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of the coagulation cascade. While...

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The TEG® 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer System provides a more complete picture of patients' hemostasis, thus helping you deliver more targeted treatment. The TEG System facilitates your understanding of hemorrhagic or thromPotic risk Py revealing: ■ Rate of clot formation ■ Strength and stability of clot ■ Effect of platelet, coagulation factor, and cellular interactions ■ Maximum platelet function ■ Functional Fibrinogen level - Platelet: Fibrinogen ratio ■ Risk of hemorrhage and thrombosis, and identification of fibrinolysis ■ If a patient has been inhibited too much or too little Clotting...

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Added value — understanding platelet inhibition through the PlateletMapping® Assay How do you know if 50% inhibition is good or bad, if you don’t know the patient’s baseline risk? Many protocols require patients to come off Plavix® and Aspirin® prior to surgery in order to minimize the risk of bleeding. But what if you interrupt anti-platelet medication on a patient who is already predisposed to thrombotic events? Facilitating or inhibiting platelet function before surgery — without understanding the patient’s baseline function — could put your patient at risk for a thrombotic or...

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Improving patient outcomes Adding the TEG® 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer System to your hemostasis management can help improve patient outcomes and may decrease healthcare costs. Patients regularly treated with red Plood cells (RBCs) Pecause of Pleeding — are then also administered FFP, PCC's, FiPrinogen and platelets Pecause the underlying reason for the bleeding is unknown. By simply having a more thorough understanding of patients' hemostasis, unnecessary allogeneic transfusions could be avoided. Given that a TEG analysis can aid the prediction of a surgical bleed greater than 95% of the...

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TEG® 5000 technical specifications Device specifications ■ Two (2) independent measuring channels per analyzer, up to eight (8) channels per computer ■ Cables included; software sold separately ■ Cup drive — Line-synchronized, with synchronous motor ■ Temperature control — Individual temperature control for each channel ■ Measuring technique — Shear elasticity of a coagulating sample, determined by motion of the pin ■ Transducer — Electrical-mechanical transducer of movement of torsion wire connected to the suspended pin ■ Power — External power supply, CSA listed, 120V model @ 60 Hz or...

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Description List Number TEG® 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer 07-033 Jp to four (4) TEG Analyzers can be attached to a single installation kit. Includes analog-to-digita converter, cables, software, clinical aid booklet, laminated decision tree, and user's manual Analytical Software, Remote version 07-031 =or remote network viewing of live or stored data/signature graphics, interpretation assistance and reporting, along with many other features. Includes user's manual A standardized reagent that activates the blood sample through the intrinsic pathway for clot activatior Each vial contains 5 mL of...

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Czech Republic United Kingdom EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Signy Centre Copyright © 2008-2010 Haemonetics Corporation. Haemonetics, RapidTEG and TEG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the USA, other countries, or both. PlateletMapping is a trademark of Cora Healthcare. Plavix is a registered trademark of Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership. Aspirin is a registered trademark of Bayer Aktiengesellschaft. 03.2010 THE Blood Management Company

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