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emostasis analyzer system Providing fast, actionable results to help you reduce risks, complications and costs THE Blood Management Company®

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Hemostasis analyzer system CONFIDENT CARE STARTS WITH THE COMPLETE PICTURE The TEG 6s system provides clinicians with rapid, comprehensive, and accurate identification of a patient’s hemostasis condition in a laboratory or point-of-care setting. Featuring an innovative, all-in-one cartridge, the TEG 6s system delivers quality test results without the complicated test preparation process associated with traditional testing. This innovative technology can help you drive personalized, as well as clinically and economically sound, treatment and monitoring decisions for your patients… with...

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The need for better patient hemostasis assessment Many clinicians are forced to make critical blood therapy decisions based on the limited snapshots provided by traditional tests — tests that simply weren’t designed to provide them with the relevant, comprehensive results they need. Effective hemostasis management requires that physicians have the most complete information to make decisions on how to best maintain a patient’s coagulation equilibrium. Thrombosis ← Hemostasis is a natural, regulated process within the coagulation continuum. Hemostatic Balance TEG® 6s… Simply an easy and...

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Personalized care for your patients By adding the TEG® 6s hemostasis analyzer system to your clinical practice and blood management program, you can help improve patient outcomes and realize cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary blood component transfusions. This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution includes the analyzer, all-in-one test cartridges, and the TEG Manager™ software.

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Use this simple, self-contained diagnostic cartridge system for comprehensive whole blood hemostasis testing all-in-one test cartridges for fast, actionable results need, right where you need it, with the ability to transfer to/from LIS/HIS systems When your goal is personalized, effective care for each patient, trust TEG to deliver the complete picture.

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TEG 6s vs Other Viscoelastic Hemostasis Analyzers Analyzer System Other Viscoelastic Hemostasis Analyzer Device can be used in the lab or near the patient Simple, self-contained cartridge system Test preparation without complex pipetting Smaller blood volume per test Comprehensive hemostasis analysis including true platelet function Small footprint Provides more information than routine coagulation tests Vibration resistant Robust self-monitoring quality control Results available within minutes Test Description Specimen Type Global Hemostasis Kaolin TEG An intrinsic pathway activated assay....

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TEG Manager™ Software TEG® Viewer llows secure remote viewing of one A or more TEG tracings and test values where and when needed eports historical results and tracings R from a centralized database Device Manager isplays a dashboard view of all your D TEG instruments and their current status llows you to manage user configurable A components and users for one or more Haemonetics devices rovides device-specific reporting tool P for non-clinical data rovides the ability to communicate P patient and test data between devices and hospital systems

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ORDERING INFORMATION Description Item Code Abnormal QC Vial Test Kit (box/12) TECHNICAL INFORMATION Base Unit Operating Temperature Operating Pressure Operating Humidity Shipping/Storage Temperature Shipping/Storage Humidity Power Supply Output Voltage Output Power/Current Rating Supply Frequency ABOUT HAEMONETICS Haemonetics is THE Blood Management Company. Our comprehensive portfolio of integrated devices, information management, and consulting services offers blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain, helping improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs for blood...

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