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step ahead! WERKEN Dentalprodukte weltweit Dental Products Worldwide

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Dental Products Worldwide Dental Products Worldwide Hager Worldwide, Inc. 441 19TH Street SE Hickory N.C. 28602, USA Tel.: +001 (828) 624-3300 Fax: +001 (828) 624-3303 E-Mail: Website: General Manager: Mark Schneider Hong Kong Office Unit 5 & 10, 9 / F, 139-141 Hoi Bun Road, Seaview Centre Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: +852-2622 2795 Fax: +852-2622 2503 E-Mail: General Manager: Kate Tsui Hager Polonia Sp. z o.o. Ul. Galczynskiego 23 52-214 Wroclaw Tel.: +48 - 71-368-71-66 Fax: +48 - 71-368-10-21 E-Mail:

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Dentistry Catalog - 3

Our team - always at your service! For questions and orders please contact our sales representatives, our sales team in Duisburg or your dental dealer. Detailed and up-to-date information about our products can be found on the Internet at: and Our team in Duisburg is available Monday to Thursday 08.00 - 17.00 and Friday 08.00 - 16.00 Fon: +49 (203) 99 269 + extension number Fax: +49(203) 29 92 83 Service Export Susanne Bah, - 45 Anneli Heyse, - 43 Lidia Benedetti, - 42...

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Dentistry Catalog - 4

Index Chapter 06 Impression 52 Patient Service and Motivation 87 Lab Products and Small Equipment The new impression tray with patented foil technique is a development of the team of Prof. Dr. Spiekermann (University of Aachen). Implant posts penetrate the foil quickly, clean and with high-precision. Big time and cost savings as no laboratory or 2nd patient impression is needed. Since 1967 Miraject has been standing for leadership and quality. Over 500 million blunt and bendable application canulas with ensured precise and control­ ble application of liquids and pastes. a Excellent quality...

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Dentistry Catalog - 5

Infant-O-Brush72 Integra Cart De Luxe I / II / III86 Integra Fit-On Tray86 I-Prox Care Set69 I-Prox L67 I-Prox P69 iSpec BT Fit109 iSpec Classic Fit106 iSpec Comfort Fit108 iSpec Dynamic Fit109 iSpec Fit OTG111 iSpec Flexi Fit107 iSpec Flexi Fit II107 iSpec Gravity Fit105 iSpec Pure Fit105 iSpec Safety Fit106 iSpec Safety Fit II107 iSpec Slim Fit110 iSpec Slim Fit UV110 iSpec Softflex Fit105 iSpec Steril Fit110 iSpec Steril Fit OTG110 iSpec Sunshine Fit106 iSpec Super Lite Fit108 iSpec Ultra Fit108 iSpec X Fit109 LaserHF Bleaching Hand Piece 85 laservision Laserglasses for Patients 112...

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Dentistry Catalog - 6

Miratray® Implant Implant impression tray with patented foil technique • Saves you and your patient an additional patient visit and laboratory cost • Controllable and safe impression taking with clear view of implant posts • Clean impression is taken as foil meets precisely at implant posts • No overflowing impression material • Customizable, user-friendly and cost-effective • Available in three sizes for maxilla and mandible (dentulous and edentulous) • Suitable for all implant impression materials and implant systems Miratray "Making an individual tray in laboratory is no longer necessary...

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Dentistry Catalog - 7

For single impressions of crowns and small bridges • Inexpensive disposable plastic tray • Can easily be slided onto corrugated tweezers • Excellent for patients, avoids gag reflex • Saves impression materials Content REF Article description Miratray Mini Partial plastic impression tray in three shapes • Excellent for patients feeling an urge to gag • Saves impression material Article description Autoclavable plastic impression tray • Transparent and sturdy • High retention of the impression material is obtained by special "retention baskets" • Practical: can be labelled with felt-tip...

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Dentistry Catalog - 8

Algilock Perforated Extremely durable impression tray • For dentulous jaws • High-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel • High durability, highest shape stability and long-term good appearance • "Retention rims" hold the impression material without adhesives • Laser-welded handles and ridges for a solid interconnection • Autoclavable without loss of quality • Only Algilock offers such a unique model variety and solid top quality • On request, Algilock is available for maxilla and mandible as: - Algilock partial (perforated/non-perforated) - Algilock pedo (orthodontology) - Algilock...

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Dentistry Catalog - 9

Partial impression trays / half trays • For dentulous jaws • High-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel • Ultra quality, long lasting, brilliant finish and form stability • Retention rims holds impression material - no adhesive necessary • Laser-welded handles and palatine ridge • Autoclavable for many years without affecting finish Algilock Partial Perforated orthodontic trays - small • For dentulous jaws • Especially for pediatric dentistry Algilock Pedo Article description Article description Alginate remover • Cleaning in dipping bath without mechanical impact, no ultrasound,...

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Dentistry Catalog - 10

Apply-Tips® Fine application tips • For precise application of liquids and pastes • Bendable ends for hard-to-access areas • Economic use of expensive materials (such as bondings, medicaments, etc.) • Acid-resistant against bonding and other materials • Hygienic dispenser box for single removal • Available in three sizes Article description Mirabrush® Bendable application brush • One-piece disposable brush • Bendable: can be bended into any angle • Time-saving: no changing of brushes • Safe: no danger of cross infection • Yellow handle = pointed brush, exact application • Blue handle = flat...

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Dentistry Catalog - 11

decisive weapon against periimplantitis GapSeal IMPRESSION • Seals implant gaps and hollow spaces • Durably stops infiltration of germs into the hollow spaces • Eliminating risk of re-infection of periimplantal tissue • Effectively avoids a main reason for periimplantitis • Successful 20-year clinical study of the University Dusseldorf, Germany • Quick and easy handling and application • Each carpule supports enough material for 2 - 3 implants Gap Sealing against Periimplantitis Out of manufacturing constraints, gaps and hollow spaces between implant and superstructures are inevitable in...

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