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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 1

Biomedical Freezer Solutions -60°C | -40°C | -30°C | -25°C Russia UK North America Middle East South East Asia South America Biomedical Co.,Ltd. No.280 Feng Yuan Road, High-tech Zone, Qingdao, 266109, P.R. China Tel: +86-0532-88935593 Website: Haier Biomedical International Haier Biomedical International Haier Biomedical International Haier Biomedical International Note:If a slight difference occurs between pictures and actual products, please refer to actual products. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation of this brochure, please contact us for any further information if requ

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 2

CONTENT Biomedical Freezer -60°C Biomedical Freezer

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 3

Single compressor auto cascade refrigeration system provides high efficient cooling power. The 100mm thick insulation conserves energy and provides optimal protection of internal cold temperature. A versatile low-temperature freezer commonly used within in hospitals, blood stations, diseases control & prevention centers, research institutions, bioscience laboratories and medical laboratories. It is suitable for storing a wide variety of biological products including viruses, bacteria, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone and semen as well as ocean-going supplies and electronic...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 4

-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type) The double door -40°C biomedical freezer models offer a large capacity storage space with rapid cooling. Integrated design of cold shelf and evaporator provides additional refrigeration efficiency. Designed to store vaccines, blood plasma and many other biological materials. Installations can be found in research institutions and clinical sites in the life science, pharma, biotech, medical and electronics sectors. -40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type) The DW-40L348 is based on the original work horse platform of DW-40L508. The new freezer...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 5

-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Upright) -40°C Biomedical Freezer (Chest) • High efficiency low temperature compressor with known field reliability • Chemically stable, CFC-free, commercially available and environmentally safe refrigerant • Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity , high density insulation foam for stable and long term storage temperature • Optimized refrigeration system designed to maximize cooling effect and temperature uniformity • Microprocessor control, digital display, adjustable temperature range: -20°C~-40°C • LCD digital display for clear observation •...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 6

Performance Control Electrical Data Loading Quantities DW-40L92 DW-40L262 Upright Upright SN N SN N Direct cooling Direct cooling Manual Manual HC HC CFC-Free Refrigerant 29 41 44 Sound Level (dB(A)) ooling Per formance (°C) -40 -40 emperature Range (°C) -20~-40 -20~-40 ontroller Microprocessor Microprocessor Display LCD LCD 220~240/50/60 220~240/50/60 115/60 ower Supply (V/Hz) 310 340 600 ower (W) 2 7.5 2.2 Electrical Current (A) Power Consumption (kWh/24h) 2.4 3.8 1.4 262/9.3 92/3.2 Capaci ty (L/Cu.Ft) kg 88/93 46/51 Net/Gross Weight (approx) lbs 194.0/205.0 101.4/112.4 480*465*1430...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 7

-30°C Biomedical Freezer Product Advantages Typical Installation and Application Microcomputer control LED digital temperature display with inside temperature accuracy of 0.1℃, while at the same time displaying the voltage and ambient temperature, alarm, AB operating system and defrost level settings. Haier Biomedical -30°C biomedical freezer: safe and reliable dual-system, intelligent hot gas defrosting, hydrocarbon energy saving Heat preservation design of refrigeration unit Subtle temperature rise during defrosting. Intelligent hot gas defrosting Prolongs the defrosting cycle, eradicates...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 8

Typical Installation and Application DW-30L1280F Upright Model Cabinet Type Climate Class Cooling Type Defrost Mode Automatic (Evaporator), Manual (Inner cabinet & Door frame) HC Performance Control Electrical Current (A) Power Consumption (kWh/24h) Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Interior Dimension(W*D*H) Loading Quantities Exterior Dimension(W*D*H) Container Load (20'/40'/40'H) High/Low Temperature Remote Alarm Power Failure Sensor Error High Ambient Temperature Door Ajar Environment Friendly 1)HC refrigeration system contains zero chlorine and fluorine,which is better for the environment. 2)Urethane...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 9

-30°C Biomedical Freezer Microprocessor Control System Product Advantages Ergonomic Design: document holding compartment for storing size A4 paper and pens. Optional USB port allows users to download temperature data saved up to 10 years for compliance and auditing purposes. Double door seals for better insulation performance. ·Microprocessor-based temperature control. ·Large LED displays cabinet temperature with 0.1 oC resolution with adjustable temperature setting from -10 o C to -30 oC. ·Cabinet temperature, ambient temperature and voltage are shown on the panel. ·Alarm conditions...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 10

Specifications Model Cabinet Type Climate Class Technical Data Easy to clean and corrosion resistant Electric zinc plate powder sprayed internal liner and large round corner design and coated steel plate exterior design ensure reliable corrosion prevention which is easy to clean. Cooling Type Direct Cooling Direct Cooling Defrost Mode Ergonomic handle design: easy access to storage space, built in lock and padlock features. Power Supply (V/Hz) Double seal design provides better insulation and saves energy. Electrical Data Net/Gross Weight (approx) Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Inner doors prevent rapid...

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Biomedical Freezer Solutions - 11

-30°C Biomedical Freezer (Upright) -30°C Biomedical Freezer (Upright) Safety This freezer is designed for storage of critical and temperature sensitive biological samples, laboratory products and medical products in institutions such as blood banks, hospitals and research laboratories. Alarm system includes audible and visual alerts. Alarms include high and low temperature, sensor error, power failure, door ajar, low battery and high ambient temperature. Remote contacts are standard Backup battery provides continuous monitoring and displays the interior temperature for up to 48hrs in the...

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