Human laryngeal mask LM1004SDR


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Human laryngeal mask LM1004SDR - 1

• Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone. • Five angular lines appear when the cuff is in flat status, which can avoid the cuff to deform during insertion. • Two-epiglottis-bar design in the bowl, can prevent the obstruction caused by epiglottis ptosis. • Special treatment of the cuff's surface reduce leak and shift effectively. • Without using laryngoscopy glottis, reduce the incidence of sore throat, glottis edema and other complications. • ioo%an^SR^4fJ1t • AHJf Pw=t imfern SMHmm&iWm It, Packing: 5 pcs/box. 50 pcs/carton Carton size; 60x40x28 cm 5R/a, 50i/?l H■. 60x40x28 cm

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