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Intubation kit - 1

• Made of non-toxic medical-grade PVC, transparent, clear and smooth. • Radio opaque line through the length for x-ray visualization. • With high volume low pressure cuff. High volume cuff seals the tracheal wall positively. • Spiral reinforcement minimizes crushing or kinking. (Reinforced) • XfflEmPVCWWF, HA?tm, it 0(3 • §si'Hfiiffw. Ji (imm) Basic configuration: endotracheal tube, suction catheter, medical glove Selection Configuration: medical tape, medical gauze, suction connecting tube, lubrication cotton, laryngoscope, tube holder, dental pad, guedel airway, surgical hole towel under pads, Medical Wrapped Cloth, intubation stylet, balloon inflator, treatment tray **!£■: nmmm, Kit, iSfflSB: ( ©311) , «£& () , JftSSS, 5JH ( ) , nnn»<HiI, tlrlt ( Packing: 40 bags/carton Carton size; 73x44x42 cm 40mm \t“: 73x44x42 cm

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