Suction-Evacuation Access Sheath for Single Use


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Suction-Evacuation Access Sheath for Single Use • Solve the problems of uric stone move and backflow completely, Under the negative pressure, it can avoid the stone’s backflow, prevent the stone’s move and remove the stone out effectively. 0 Reduce the high-pressure of renal pelvis effectively, Continuous irrigation meanwhile suction, it can form an uninterrupted fluid circulation to reduce the high-pressure of the renal pelvis effectively-• It can prevent bleeding to keep a clear vision during the operation procedure. Under the continuous irrigation and suction, it can clean the pus, blood clot and gravel out, keep the operation performed with a clear vision, ensure the operation’s safety, and shorten the operation’s time. • Expand the stricture of ureteral access effectively to ensure the operation performed smoothly, The design of the tapered dilator with AQ hydrophilic coated can expand the stricture of ureteral access effectively. 0 The sheath and dilator tip are AQ hydrophilic coated. The hydrophilic coating thickness of this product is only 0.03mm. The COF is the average of 0.050 by repeated frithion testing. The effect is far more than the similar products. ITT, T, am, Sft, f£EE 7 ¥7^5^14, ^S7a*&Wi'iJo • wj«»ft,

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